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Facebook imageAffiliate marketing Facebook page

If you are a serious affiliate marketer you need as much exposure for your business as you can get, by writing good quality informative content and doing the best SEO to optimize your pages in the search rankings is the way to go.

That is only half the battle the next step is to promote your affiliate website and there are many ways to do that including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and many other social media sites.

How important is it to do affiliate marketing through a Facebook page? most affiliate marketers agree that Facebook is a must place to be because it still is the largest social media channel in the world.

No matter what affiliate business you are in there is a market for it on Facebook, let’s take a look at how to set up an affiliate marketing Facebook page.

affiliate marketing trainingFacebook for affiliate marketing.

To get started all you have to do is sign up and open a Facebook account, take time to come up with a name for your Facebook page.

Think of something that is memorable and related to your affiliate business, then you simply create your page on Facebook.

You will need to enter a few details about your business including contact detail, phone number, address and website, also a little bit about your business and the hours that you are open etc.

You will also need a Facebook image that resonates with your business brand, when you have decided on this you can upload it to be in the centre of your page.

Facebook insights

When you sign up to Facebook as a business one of the great services that they offer is unique insights into post teach, post engagement and shares of your post, this is invaluable information that will help you to write the kind of posts that your audience are looking for.

Your first page

In my experience and what I have found that works best is let’s say you want to drive traffic to your website page that has affiliate links to products, my advice is to write something short, concise and interesting enough to make your audience want to click on the link and go to your site.

After writing the short post with the link to your site, always like the post and make a comment to start the ball rolling, by doing this you will encourage others to like, comment and share on your posts.

You can track how each post is doing in Google analytics. Post up to three to four times a week, it’s the best and only free way to get traffic from Facebook.

Facebook likes imagesGetting more likes

To leverage your affiliate marketing Facebook page it’s very important to get as many likes, comments and shares as possible

You can achieve this by letting your email list know that you have opened a Facebook page or you can invite all of your friends on Facebook to like your post.

Encourage others to share, like or comment on your posts, but in a gentle way, you don’t want to be too pushy.

Engage with your followers

It’s great to get people to like and share your page, it’s an even better idea to engage with your followers as much as you can, ask them questions and provide answers in a cheerful way.

Try to get a balance between posting regularly and engaging with your followers, if you post too much people may get annoyed don’t post enough and people may forget about you.

Use graphics

Use high quality bright entertaining graphics for each new post, if you have any videos relating to your business then share them with your audience, unfortunately in this internet age user attention spans are low.

Focus on images and videos that are visually appealing, this should bring more attention to your page and make your visitors want to engage with your brand more, according to one source images or photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and most important of all they get 84% click through to a website or affiliate offer.

Facebook imageWhat is the best mix for Facebook?

The 80-20 rule seems to apply to Facebook, what do I mean? Facebook likes to see a lot of educational posts and not so many targeted promotions.

Stick to the rule make 80% of your posts educational and make 20% of your posts targeted promotions.

Targeted promotions do cost money on Facebook if you want to try spending small amounts of money on targeting people for your affiliate product then it’s hard to find any better bang for your buck!

Facebook ads

You can grow your Facebook page by posting every week and it can be profitable, however if you want to grow more quickly you have the option of placing ads on Facebook that don’t cost the earth and you can target them appropriately.

Find a post that was commented, liked and shared more than others and start with that one.

I know that some people in the affiliate marketing niche have used quizzes and games to build rapport with a new audience and to get more likes, shares and comments.

Facebook Groups tips.

Facebook is a great place for groups of people to gather and share their experiences both good and bad, there if a Facebook group for any subject that you can name, Facebook is a platform where you can find others that are as passionate as you are about affiliate marketing and they are looking to share a common interest.

If you decide to join one of these groups please be careful and don’t spam others with affiliate links you won’t last long there. Of course, you always have the option to start your own Facebook group but you will have to be the moderator and that takes up time.

Having said that building your own Facebook group is a good idea, it means that as your group expands you will get more and more traffic to your website as people look forward to reading new posts.

The secret is to put the time in post regularly react to comments be helpful and it will pay off in the long run.

Here are three good tips for Facebook groups:

1. Always look to get a conversation going.

2. Don’t do multiple posts simultaneously.

3. Don’t ask people to private message you, keep everything transparent.

Social listening

Are you a good listener? Social listening is paying attention to what your audience is saying about their problems and coming up with solutions, that way you will be considered to be an expert in that niche.

Trust imageBuilding trust on Facebook

Building trust in you and your brand on Facebook is going to take patience and time you can start off by using each person’s first name that likes or share your page when you connect with them, we all like to be called by our first names.

Secondly, show your followers what is going on in your business, the successes and the failures, if you are working on a new project don’t be afraid to share and ask for comments.

Use a competition as a way to involve your audience in your brand, there are benefits to having a competition on Facebook such as:

• It encourages loyalty

• Get more leads

• Product awareness

• Increase your followers

Always be available to answer any queries or questions around your posts, have a 100% response rate, people like to see that on your Facebook page.

Facebook imageWhat not to do on Facebook

Facebook is a community of people that when approached in the proper way can be very responsive to new ideas especially in the money-making area. Too many people use the platform in the wrong way by just throwing affiliate links up in front of people and hoping that that will work.

It couldn’t be further from the truth; the truth is when you do find other that are of the same mind set as you it pays to build trust through a relationship with them and solving their problems.

In the affiliate marketing space, there are products that you have that can solve one particular problem for many people and that is not enough income.

By leveraging people’s curiosity on how to make money through affiliate marketing you can over time build a level of trust that allows you to introduce your affiliate marketing program to others in a way that makes the sale so much easier.


Facebook can be a very lucrative way to build a following that will eagerly look forward to your next post and will follow up by visiting your site and clicking on your affiliate links meaning more sales.

Start by building your affiliate marketing Facebook page, publish posts 3-4 times every week, use high quality images and videos to attract people to your posts.

Build your own Facebook group, interact with your followers keep your response rate as high as you can, bring solutions for people’s problems, be active and get as many likes, comments and shares as possible.

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