Affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees

Affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees

I’m writing ths post about affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees because I’m a retired person that a couple of years ago was standing in your shoes looking to earn an extra income to supplement my pension.

Not only did I want to supplement my pension but I was also interested in affiliate marketing because I liked the idea of working from home at my own pace and without having to spend a lot of money to get started.

Affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees

Affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees training

To be successful in the affiliate marketing space you need to get the best training that you can learn at your own pace, second you need to have other people to talk to that are either starting out at affiliate marketing or are having success at making money working from home.

I recommend that you sign up for the same affiliate marketing course that I did more than two years ago, it is called the online Entrepreneur Certification course, don’t be put off by the title it is actually a very good course that will teach you step by step how to set up your affiliate marketing business in the right way.

Where does the training start?

The affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees training begins by showing you in detail how to set up your website, the people behind the training platform Kyle and Carson are two genuine nice family guys they were pals in College before they decided to start an online platform for affiliate marketers.

The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate it was set up to help people across the world to set up their own home based business and be successful by following the training that they provide.

Choose a name for your website

Once you learn how to set up your website you will need to think of  a name for your new venture, the name virus your site will depend on what niche you decide to go into. A niche is a segment of a much larger  market, take for example in my case I wanted to start my affiliate marketing business in the health niche.

The health niche is a massive because there are so many aspects to health, I had to choose which area to focus on, like a lot of  people that come into affiliate marketing the idea is to look at your life and career for ideas on what niche to focus on. In my case I had a bad experience with my health when I was 45, I almost died from a heart attack due to high cholesterol and a bad family history of heart disease.

I wanted to write about heart disease, high cholesterol and how people could find ways to  e healthier and avoid what happened to  me, that idea gave me the start for my first affiliate marketing website in the heart disease area.

Affiliate marketing niche

Choose your niche wisely

If there is one piece of advice that I would like to give you when you are starting, chose your niche wisely, pick a subject that you know something about or have experience of, my reasoning for this is affiliate marketing means that you will be creating pages of content most of the time.

Content is an article, post or blog that is created around a keyword that you have found using this keyword tool, a keyword is a word or words that a person has typed into Google or another search engine when they were looking for information on a subject or a product.


During the learning phase of the affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees course you will be spending a lot of your time researching keywords for your niche website and building your brand, from the beginning you will be building your brand, your website will be a source of information you will become an expert in your chosen industry.

Let’s face it nobody builds a website that quickly and becomes an expert, it does take a lot of time and effort and you need to start somewhere but by helping people you will gain credibility and ultimately trust within your chosen niche or industry.

There are three important points to remember in relation to keywords

  • The keyword must have some traffic (minimum over 5 monthly searches)
  • Under 100 (QSR) competition
  • A keyword must make sense in other words it must fit into a sentence naturally

Your target audience

I’m going to spend some time talking about your target audience, your target audience should ideally be a group of people that have a deep interest in your niche, for example let’s say you are an expert in model airplanes so your target market will be a broad range of people who are interested in model airplanes.

How do you find out if there are enough people in your target market? Within the Wealthy affiliate platform you have access as part of your monthly premium payment to Jaxxy keyword tool, this is an invaluable tool that you will work with every day.

For example you want to find out what keywords are avjailable in your niche, simply type in a root keyword into the Jaxxy keyword tool “model airplanes” now look at the results Jaxxy keyword tool

Commercial model airplanes looks like a promising keyword to work with because it has 24 monthly searches with only 58 competing websites you can expect to get 5 visitors to your site each month and the SEO score is high at 96.

The second piece of advice that I recommend is use Google trends to add more weight to the keyword that you have chosen, Google trends will show you the level of interest in that subject worldwide over the past twelve months, you will see the peaks and troughs this will help you to decide whether to go forward or not.

Building your site

Within the platform of affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees WA) you will learn the art of building your site, don’t be scared it is so easy using WordPress the most widely used website platform that is open source meaning anyone can use it.

WordPress has thousands of websites and themes to choose from, you get it as part of your Wealthy affiliate premium membership so you can choose the look and feel of your site, you can change the colour scheme , fonts and layout as often as you like.

One important aspect of a wordpress site is the amount of free plugins that are available to you to help you spread the word about your site for example you can share all of your posts to social media by installing s social plug in.

Learning SEO

This is the part of your training in affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees that is the difference between being successful in making money online and not being successful.

SEO is basically the art of making each and every page of your website user friendly for both your website visitor and most importantly the search engines.

There are millions of pages written and uploaded onto the world wide web each day, so how does Google and the other search engines like Bing, Yahoo determine which content is the ,most relevant to the internet users?.

SEO is known as search engine optimization it is the business of making a website understandable for both humans and search engine robots alike. That means that each page will use the H1 tag for the headline and all of the following paragraphs will be in the H2 headline.

Each paragraph will be no longer than five lines, the chosen keyword will be in the first sentence and will be placed approximately six times for every 1,000 words in each post.


Have you ever tried reading a lot of text on a website, I find that I lose interest about half way down, its recommended in the affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees training that you use nice visual images to break up the text and to discourage the site visitors from leaving.


One you have your website up and running you will need to continue promoting it so that more s d more people will be attracted to your content and information. Social media is huge these days so there is no better place to start promoting your business than through social media.

Once again to learn all about social media promotion there is a section within the online Entrepreneur certification course that covers all you  need to know about how to choose which social media platform is best for your online business and what to do to get the word out about your niche site.

Go to this section to learn about social media.

How to make money at affiliate marketing for seniors and retireesMake money working from home

I’m sure you are here to make some extra money for your retirement or to supplement your income, affiliate marketing is just that, a way to make a commission from sales of someone’s else’s product or service.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you are the person that brings business to somebody else, after the sale is made your responsibilty finishes, so you are not responsible for taking the order, shipping the order or any after sales service connected with the order.

How you make money is by applying to join the  affiliate program  of any number of companies that sell products or services in your niche. A good example is the Amazon associates program that program gives you access to thousands of products that people need.

Once approved you will have access to affiliate links that can be placed strategically on your content where visitors to your site will click on, they will be taken to a store or sales page if they make a purchase you will be paid a commission.


In a nutshell how you make money in affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees is to sign up for the Online Entrepreneur certification course, learn how to build a website, how to find keywords, how to write content and use images, how to promote your  content via social media and over time learn how to  ske money S an affiliate marketer.


2 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees

  1. I really like this approach and idea for seniors. They have a lifetime of experience and passions and stories that could make for very interesting niche online businesses! Also, they usually have a bit of free retirement time to work with!! 

    There might be a generational hurdle for some to warm up to the idea of a business that is entirely online, but I also think it’s a wonderful way to keep passions alive by sharing them with others via a blog or online business.

    1. Hi Aly,

      Seniors and retirees do have so much to offer in terms of experience and knowledge.

      Thanks for your comments 


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