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Best website SEO

Following on from my article on SEO a website for Google I talked about onsite SEO tactics covering using long tail keywords, content optimization and image optimization. Those tips are what you can do on site but the best website SEO should include off site SEO so let’s dive into the best off site SEO tactics.

seo a website on googleWhat is off site SEO?

Off site SEO should be a large part of your best website SEO campaign because more and more large search engines like Google place greater weight on high quality backlinks to your website when computing rankings.

You need to focus on achieving more back links from higher domain authority rankings.

How do you achieve more high-quality backlinks?

There are a number of ways to achieve higher quality backlinks to your website:

• Guest blogging or posting• Social media presence
• Create high quality content and share it regularly
• Use influencer marketing

Getting quality backlinks isn’t going to be easy, you really have to work hard but persistence pays off in the end, let’s go into the four best ways to include in your best website SEO strategy.

1. Guest blogging or posting

Pre social media or influencer marketing we had blogging as a way to get quality links back to your site, even today experienced marketers use blogging to get links because of the results.

Blogging comes a close second in content marketing two thirds of marketers still use blogging for their social media content. I wrote  a post on how to write a blog to make money HERE.

Websites that use blogging as a feature are over four hundred times more likely to get that page indexed according to data.

By writing and publishing a guest blog on a highly ranked and influential blog you will receive a backlink of high quality to your website usually in the blog itself or in the author bio.

Off-site blog tips

Try these simple off-site blog tips

• Write to the editor of the blog in a personable way to establish a connection
• Take time to understand the industry connected to his blog
• Write on subjects associated or relevant to his blog
• Leave some links within your article back to some of your best work on your site
• Explain to the editor the benefits for his audience of you guest blogging.

Once you have mastered this off site SEO strategy with one blog editor you can use the content as an example to the next blog editor that you approach.
Remember you goal is to get as many backlinks as possible from sites that are highly ranked in Google sites that have a high domain authority.

Domain authority

Domain authority is defined as a ranking score from search engines that can predict the position a site can achieve in terms of authority the score is from 1-100 the closer it is to 100 the higher its authority rating.

Social media image2.Social media presence

By having a social media presence means that your content gets shared by your followers more and more this corresponds to how well a site does in the rankings.

Research would suggest that it’s not just the numbers of shares but also how well people engage with social media posts that effects organic rankings, stuff like comments on posts, post shares and people clicking through on images.

So, it’s a no brainer, you must establish a social media presence to increase you off page seo results, the more content you put out on social media the more likes, shares and engagement your site will get.

More social media engagement means more activity on your site, more backlinks and ultimately more exposure meaning higher rankings. My friend Kyle has written a great training on what does Social media mean for your business.

It wouldn’t be unusual for a well crafted eye opening graphic to get over 700,000 shares on social media imagine how many visitors something like that would bring to your website?

Basically, creating free social media accounts across the biggest of the social media platforms is a great way to get more high quality backlinks to your site. The biggest social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram and other smaller social media platforms.

3.Create high quality content and share regularly

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of writing high quality content, high quality means that your content is valuable to your target market and the search engines will rank your content accordingly.

Put the time into researching your content, spend even more time researching keywords use this online keyword tool for best results. Work on your content to optimize it for SEO purposes, put your keyword in the URL.

Put it in the headline use H1 there, make sure that your keyword is naturally visible in the first ten paragraphs, use the alt text to describe your images, make sure that your website loads quickly.

4. Use influencer marketing

Influencer imahe
Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

Influencer marketing has become popular with big brands and online businesses, so influential bloggers that have built up a large following are another way to get your brand message across to a bigger audience by linking up with an influencer.

How does it work?

People listen to influencers so if that person were to mention your brand you may reward them by giving them a payment or free product. Research has shown that the return on investment can be as high as eleven times cost.

But how does it work to get backlinks?

When you write blog posts speak about the influencer or highlight a quote that they made, after you have written your blog send a copy to the influencer to let them know you have mentioned them.

Everybody loves to be mentioned so out of courtesy they should put a link in their content back to your site.
Pick an influencer in your niche, suggest that you both work together for mutual benefit. Create a piece of content or a video where you both share and a link is created back to other’s sites.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is only half the battle, it is just as important as on site SEO in terms of best website SEO over time if you practice these strategies your site rankings should increase.

More traffic means more exposure to your products or services which should increase your website conversions, more conversions means more money.

If you are looking at ways to make money online may I recommend that you do this free online Entrepreneur certification course, you will find some excellent tips and information on how to build an online home business.

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