A work at home website- Here’s how you do it!


Many people want to have a work at home website that makes money for them while they sleep or work in their day job. Imagine having a website that people are interested in coming to so that they can read what you have written and buy what you have recommended. Sounds good doesn’t it? Does it sound easy to do or hard to do, have you any experience of building a work at home website in the past?

I have and trust me it took many hours of hard work to build my work at home website, to be honest it took even longer to make money from my website, but it is possible.

Where do you start?

Learning to build your own website that will attract visitors that want to read your content takes a bit of planning, thought and research. It also takes the best website training that you can find on the internet as well as the support from other people who have built or are building work at home websites to make a part time or a full-time income from visitors to their site or from ads that are placed within the content on their site (more later)


A solid foundation

Any good business starts with a solid foundation, any bad business that is built on quick sand won’t last for long so always go for a business that takes time to build because of the solid foundation that underpins it. It’s the same when starting out on building website on your computer in your spare time at home. Most people that want to start an income producing website already have work of some kind or another but the one thing they all have in common is a burning desire to make money online.


Learn to build a Website training

A good place to start your journey is the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification course Click Here To View Course Contents

this fantastic course was designed with you in mind, there are four important things that you will learn right away

1. Anyone can be successful at making a profitable website

2. Anything new can seem a bit overwhelming at first

3. You don’t need any prior technical expertise or knowledge

4. To be successful starts with small steps you keep moving forward on your journey until you become successful.

Steps to take 

  • You start by making a choice in an area that you are interested in, this may be your passion or pastime
  • You build a website, your foundation for success
  • You will learn how to bring visitors to your site
  • Make money, as your site matures you will start to make money.


If you are stuck for an answer on anything or any subject “DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP” At Wealthy Affiliate we are blessed to have 100,000’s of people who are willing and able to answer any question that you may have no matter how stupid it seems! The community cares about your success, all have been in your shoes at one point or another.

The second piece of advice is that whatever you learn on the Online Entrepreneur Certification course you must put it into action, that’s what brings success. So, to recap, LEARN-ACTION-RESULTS

Online Certification course

The course is made up of 10 lessons, you will be able to read and watch videos to help you gain a full understanding of how to build a work at home website that makes money.

You will be using the FREE account training but please be aware that there is so much more to be gained when you sign up for Premium Membership.

In the first section there are 7 lessons to learn

Lesson one

1. Watch a walk-through video

2. Watch how to set up your account video

3. Complete your account, image etc

Lesson two

You will learn how to make money online

Lesson three

Learn how to choose a niche to specialize in

Lesson four

Learn how to build your own niche website

Lesson five

Learn how to set up your niche website

Lesson six

Search engine optimization (getting your site ready for Google & Bing)

Lesson seven

Learn how to write great content for your site

Before you make any money

The best advice that I can give you is “don’t focus on money” instead focus your attentions on writing quality content that will make Google push your site up the rankings as far as page one. If you don’t have a quality website with quality content, you won’t get visitors and the money bit just won’t happen. I know that you will be excited and want to jump in to making money but remember my earlier advice, BUILD A SOLID FOUNDATION this must be your first goal immediately AFTER YOU DO THE TRAINING.


Making Money online

There are many ways to make money online, if you are looking to make money online without spending a fortune then you have come to the right place. Affiliate marketing is a booming online business, millions of companies have an online presence that is used to sell their products or services. The biggest online success story must be Amazon, imagine they started out selling books from their garage and now they are the world richest company.

Amazon sell practically everything that you can think of, one way to make money online is to participate in the Amazon associates’ program whereby a visitor comes to your website and reads your content. They like what they read because it solves a problem that they have, in other words you have provided a solution for them let it be a product or service, the next step is they click on a hyperlink (Given to you from the amazon affiliates program) your website visitor clicks on the hyperlink and is taken to the Amazon.com product or service page, the website visitor is presented with a choice of products so if they purchase a product the hyperlink tells Amazon that it came from your website and you get PAID for that sale!

Amazon is just one way to make money online, there are tens of thousands of companies just waiting for you to contact them to sell their products. This type of business is what’s known as passive income, in other words you will have put a lot of work into your website over many months using the training and knowledge that you have gained during the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. You will have written engaging and informative content that will rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, visitors will come to your site and if they purchase a product or service you will get paid.

It’s important to remember that this will happen even when you are asleep or on vacation. In a nutshell passive income is achieved by LEARNING-TAKING ACTION this will achieve RESULTS!

Get started

It doesn’t matter if you have never tried making money online before or if you have and failed it doesn’t matter either, what  does matter is that you are at a stage of life where you have a passion or interest that you would like to share with the world or you are ready to learn for FREE how to construct a work at home website, build your own niche website or make money online.

Take the first step to making a passive income online CLICK HERE to start your FREE TRAINING

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  1. Hi, 

    I am a blogger and I learned how to blog through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I am not yet through with the online entrepreneurship certification training yet, because I am trying to take my time so that I don’t miss any important information just because I want to get to the end and get certified. 

  2. In my experience, the most difficult step was the first one. 2 key attributes I have found to be indispensable are firstly commitment and second consistency. No online home website will be an overnight success and this will bring with it frustrations with both high and low points.

    Amazon, as in your article has a great associated program however it must be noted that you need to achieve 3 sales within a 6 months period so makes sure you have some traffic to your site so you can achieve this.

    Great article.


    1. My advice is not to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program until you have 40-50 unique visitors to your site each day, this will stop the stress waiting for the 3 sales to happen

  3. Wow! This is such an eye opener and a very broad and informative post. Though I have come across so many posts on how to set up a work at home business but none came closer to the masterpiece delivered in your write up. Amazon associates’ program is one of the largest affiliate offer. I personally make use of this and I think every other affiliate marketer should too.

    thanks for sharing this post

  4. Very useful write up, thank you for posting. I have recently started a blog to try to make money, and I am really happy to read what you say about building a solid foundation that won’t sink. I am definitely building for longevity and to learn how to earn money by solving people’s problems. Thanks again.

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Have once fall into different online scam on making money until I joined wealthy affiliate program. The weekly training, live chat and support system has helped my online business. WA affiliate is second to none in online platform 

    This article worth sharing, thanks for the review 

  6. Most people are going into affiliate marketing with the intention of making money instead of focusing on the goal ,which is writing a quality content and be unique. It took me 9 months before I made my first income online. I have learnt some new tips from your posts. Very educative and worth reading, I must commend you for the thorough research carried out. Hope to get more from you.

  7. It is always good to read reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. There is so much that WA offers, for so little. I feel absolute comfortable being a member here, and I am very confident that I am in the right place for building an online business that makes money. I no longer look for options or try to find the deficiencies of WA. The bottom line is that WA is simply an awesome community of like-minded persons who care and share, and we are led by stalwarts in the industry, Kyle and Carson. We get the latest in technology right here, we are made aware of changes in the industry that will affect us almost immediately as they occur, for years we have been getting weekly live training seminars that are useful and available to us in our library whenever we need them. I could go on and on. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of WA and I rank them No. 1 every time. I dare anyone in the affiliate marketing, online business, or any community based network to challenge – or top that. Good job with your site, and good job promoting our WA.

  8. This article has really shown me the steps on how to make my own website from home. I like that you mention that you need a solid foundation and that it does take time. This is very realistic and I appreciate it. Thank you for the great walk through on the wealthy affiliate training program.  I like that you have mentioned not to focus on money byt instead on actually building a good website with content. This is so important. You definitely need content before anything else.

    Thank you for a good article on how to create a money making website from home. 

  9. It’s one of the most valuable posts I’ve read about online business. Undoubtedly the article is inspirational and informative as well. It’s really great to open my own web site and earn money through it. Fortunately, by the suggestion of a friend, I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. Hence my goal is to become a successful internet entrepreneur and establish my website looking for affiliate business. I also advised some of my acquaintances to visit this site.
    I think if our mentor taking at least one class duration of one/two hours in a week about the training it will be great for premium member like me. Sincere thanks for the useful and objective post.

    Warm regards,

  10. I really would love to do something like this but I have to be straight with you here – I have no prior experience with blogging whatsoever. 

    Can a newbie really take this sort of thing on and succeed with it? I mean, surely the learning curve is a steep one?

    How long did it take you to get your head around this education?

    1. It’s hard to say, I learn something new everyday, the process works you just have to be consistent and persistent.

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