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Work at home business imageFrom home based business

Have you been looking for a from home based business?

Working from home sounds like a good idea there are so many advantages to be considered, no driving, no parking costs, no work stress, freedom, and of course you get to be your own boss if you want to.

It all sounds good in theory but how do you actually find a business that can provide you with a regular source of income and be something that you enjoy doing?

That’s the hard part, actually finding am online business that will appeal to you and keep you interested and fulfilled.

My advice is to take your time to explore what is available to you, you will need to be able to set up your own website, these days you can start to build your own website for free by going HERE.

Home based business

A home based business could be a website that is written by you on a subject that interests you, a subject that you have some knowledge of, a subject that you have a passion for, for example here is a list of popular subjects that you could write about:
• Gardening
• Relationships
• Health
• Football
• Cars
• Psychology
• Sowing
• Sailing
• Bridge
The list is endless, pick a subject that you feel comfortable writing about, trust me it’s much easier to write about a subject that you care about, plus there will be a flow to what you write.

Writing imageDo you like to write?

The internet is a great place to communicate with people through writing unique information on whatever subject you feel passionate about.

All that you need is a computer a good internet connection and some training on how to build a website and or a blog.

A website built around a subject that you have a deep interest in will be appealing to others who have the same interest that you have, it doesn’t matter what age you are or what level of experience of writing you have anyone can start a website or blog with the correct training.

Blogging imageBlogging for a living

Blogging for a living is something relatively new, so you could start a from home based business by becoming a blogger.

There are thousands of bloggers on the internet making a good living by blogging about health and wellbeing, fashion, business and so much more.

To give you an idea of some of the most popular and profitable blogs here are the main blogs:
• Business insider more than 25,000,000 unique monthly visitors
• TMZ more than 30,000,000 unique monthly visitors
• The Huffington post estimated monthly visitors 110,000,000
Imagine if you could start a blog and build it into large numbers of unique monthly visitors, you could advertise products or services to these people and make money!!

Not enough time

If you feel that you don’t have enough time to write lengthy articles you can always hire the services of a professional writer however the best ones charge at least $50 for a long article.
You can of course do a free writing training course where you will learn how to write keyword rich content that your readers will love and keep them coming back to read all of your new blog posts.

Website trainingWebsite training

If you have never built a website before its important to know where to start it and where it is going to finish.

Remember you are going to build a website around a subject that you know a lot about with the aim of making it into a from home based business.

There are literally tens of millions of websites blogs available to people on the world wide web, so if you don’t get the proper training your website could be doomed to failure because no one will be able to find it.!

I don’t want to discourage you but from my own experience writing for your own website is just the beginning there are so many other elements to making a success of your from home based business.

On the other hand if you are willing to invest a relatively small amount if money into your home based business along with determination and time you can turn nothing into something by starting to learn for free how to build your first website and completing the Free Training.

How to build a 6 figure website

It isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination to build a six figure website, what would a 6 figure website mean to your life?

Would you consider six figures enough money to give you a lifestyle that you would like to have, it is entirely possible once you understand how to do it.

Dylan made a great training on how he was able to make a 6 figure website, you can look over his shoulder by clicking here.

Social media

In today’s world there is no getting away from social media because of the rise in popularity of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many others, people are flocking in their millions to social media sites so there is opportunity to promote your blog website.

Building your website is just the start of building your from home based business, you will need to learn how to promote your site, there is no better place than social media to promote your business.

You will need to understand fully how to amplify your brand through social media, this free training is an excellent way to learn how to do this.


YouTube is way ahead of the rest in terms of people searching for video tutorials on the internet, you must not ignore the power of YouTube and what it can do for your from home based business.

In other words you have to learn how to make quality videos about your home based business, did you know that there are over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube each day.

The figures are mind blowing so my advice to you is learn all you can about how to make and promote videos on YouTube because it will make all the difference to your home business. You can start to learn all about YouTube in this free training by going HERE.


Google is by far the largest search engine, it accounts for over 70% of all internet traffic, by learning to write content that Google loves will mean that your website blog will get more traffic, you will need to learn all about Google analytics and what to do if something goes wrong with it.

Solid foundation

Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can create a solid foundation for your from home based business, a vital component of any successful online business is content creation.

Not just any old content but content that will have your website visitors engaging and enjoying reading.

As you go through the training you will begin to understand how to extend your knowledge and skills into writing winning content that will convert into sales for you.


The beauty of a business that you run from your own home are the low overheads, low cost of building and maintaining your website blog, the passive income that just keeps rolling in, passive income means just that.

Once you have an established website blog, and by the way it can take anywhere from 1-2 years to achieve worthwhile passive income, in that time you will work very hard to write somewhere in the region of 200 plus pages/blog posts each page/post will need to be somewhere in the region of 1,500 words up to 3,000 words.

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