How to create a website and make money

How to create a website and make money

Sounds like a good idea but is it that easy to create a website and make money? To be honest if it was that easy to make money online, we would all be millionaires wouldn’t we!

When I say we I mean millions of people have tried to make money online by creating and building a website that people will want to visit in the hope that the website visitor will purchase a product or service that will generate an income for the website owner.


Is this how it works?

​To a certain extent that is how it all works, you come up with an idea for a website, purchase a domain name for your website, come up with a name for your site write content for your site. Then all you must do is launch your website and sit back and watch the money flowing into your bank account! 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in today’s crowded online world where anybody and everybody is trying to make money working from home on their computer.

It’s a nice idea to work from home and make money from your computer but how do you learn the right way to make money from a website?

​Building your own website

​If you want to build your own website to make money from it you will definitely need to understand the basics, I have completed this FREE online training course on How to build your own traffic producing website I found the course easy to understand and fun to do. After the training you will be equipped to be able to build your very own website using all the tips and techniques learned during the FREE training.

What makes a good website?

The essence of a good website is one that has interesting content for the website visitor, in other words your website must have the answers to your visitors’ questions, it must be easy for them to find the answers or they will leave and search elsewhere. When I say write good content you must first do your research on what are good keywords to use. This FREE keyword tool​ will help you to understand what is a good keyword to use to attract the right type of visitor to your site.


What are keywords?​ a keyword is a word or phrase that a person types into their preferred search engine when they want to find information on a product or service on the internet, for example I want to look for information on the best Free website builder so I go to Google and I type “best free website builder” google will then show me the top 10 websites to visit for that particular keyword, the top ten are on the first page of the search results so that is the best place to be in terms of making money from your site.

​How to get in the top 10 search results

​This is the hard part of building any website, how do you get into the top 10 search results? The secret to achieving top 10 results for a particular keyword is in the FREE Training that you will receive after you complete the FREE Website Building Training Course

​Remember it doesn’t cost you any money to do this excellent course, no credit card required.

What is required to build a website and make money is your determination and commitment to learning the best way to make money online.

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