Increase traffic to your website FREE

Increase traffic to your website Free

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you sell your own products or services from your website I’m sure you will want to know how to increase traffic to your website free.?

Effectively there are only two ways to drive tons of traffic to your site and one of them is free, however it takes by far the most amount of work, so if you are on a budget that doesn’t include paid search then you need to read my in depth article on the best ways to increase traffic to your website free.

analytics imageGoogle analytics

First and foremost you need to get Google analytics installed on your webpages if you have not already done so, second you need to understand some of the detailed reporting that you get.

For example,things like where does your existing traffic come from, which countries, how long do they stay on the site, age profile, click through rates and are they using site search.

Understanding data like this will help you to decide the best way to go about increasing traffic to your site the free way.

Driving traffic to your site

Ok so now you have made a start by understanding where traffic is already coming from the trick now is to capitalize on that knowledge by implementing a new SEO strategy involving organic traffic methods that are essentially free. So what are they?

seo a website on google1. SEO

SEO is a vital component in driving free traffic to your website more traffic means more affiliate product sales, SEO is basically making every single page post or blog post on your site search engine optimized.

Search engine optimized literally means that the search engines especially the largest one Google can find your content analyze it with their robots and based on a number of algorithms allocate your site a ranking in terms of people using keywords in your niche.

Please follow my latest article on how to SEO a website on Google you will find al the best techniques on SEO and how to increase traffic to your website free.

2. Write engaging content

It will never change on the internet, content is king, millions of people are looking for authoritative unique quality well researched content every minute of every day. So my message is write informative engaging content on your niche so that your audience will stay and keep coming back to your site because you will be a trusted authority on that subject.

Not only will you get more website visitors but they will also share your content through the social media channels. My friend Kyle has written a very good training on content creation, you should go there now and have a read.

YouTube image3. Use social media

I’m sure that you know how much of an impact social media has on so many people worldwide the figures are staggering, over 3.9 billion users every month that includes all of the major social media platforms of which Facebook is the biggest, Pinterest is very popular with 250 million monthly users.

I personally love using YouTube because I have managed to build an audience for free that listen to my videos on YouTube and from there click on my website link to find out more about my brand. It is indeed a great free resource with over 1.8 billion users monthly, strong figures that mean you can tap into this market for free by creating a Youtube account.

If you would like to watch an excellent video on how my friend Tiffany managed to get 70.3 thousand impressions to one YouTube video the just go HERE.

4. Email marketing

The one great thing about email marketing is it’s free, all you need is a gmail or outlook or any other free email account to start, the get a free starter Aweber email marketing account and you are ready to start your email marketing campaign.

5. Update your content

Depending on the age of your site you may need to update older content and resubmit it to Google and Bing, make the information as current as you can that way your site will rank higher in the search engines.

mobile phone6. Is your site mobile friendly?

If you are serious about driving traffic to your site it must be mobile friendly go to Googles page insights free tool to check your sites speed on mobile. If you find that the graphics or content or plug ins are slowing it down I suggest that you take a look at wordpress.

WordPress has an amazing selection of free site themes that you can look at, take your time it took me about six months to settle on a theme that I felt comfortable with.

10 Tips on how to improve your user experience

Google places a lot of emphasis on the website user experience when it comes to ranking your site, better user experience better rankings, more traffic more sales! Here are my top 10 tips on how to improve your user experience.

1. Optimize the speed of your pages

By making images the same size, by using less plug-ins, by using a responsive theme that works on mobile just as effectively as on a desktop.

2. White spaces

White spaces are useless to you and your website visitor, make sure that you make full use of all the available space on a page.

3. Bullet points

Use bullet points to create interest in your article

4. Make use of images

Use properly optimized images to break up content and keep your visitor engaged.

5. Use a catchy headline

In this day and age people click away easily, you don’t have long to catch their attention so think up a catchy headline.

6. Consistency

Consistency is the key, so when you find what works stick to it.

7. Delete 404’s

Search engines don’t like to see a 404 or a post that doesn’t load, Google console can help you to find pages that don’t load.

8. Hyperlinks

Use hyperlinks to join up your relevant pages and outbound links to other authorative sites.

9. Contact form

Make it easy for a user to contact you with a contact form at the header part.

10. Call to action

Having a strong call to action could be the difference between gettin affiliate link clicks and not getting them, make sure that you highlight the call to action in royal blue, I find that it works well to get the maximum amount of clicks.


It is never easy to increase your website traffic free however there is nothing free in life so you have to work very hard to make this happen, like me at the beginning you will be spending hours upon hours working to increase your website traffic at time without reward. Trust me, if you follow what I have written for you and be patient and persistent I’m 100% convinced that you will make all of your dreams come true.



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  1. Free increase of traffic to my website? Yes, please! Being new in the blogging world, getting traffic is what I really need!

    Thank you for putting together such an informative post. I will make sure to follow your recommendations.

    I was thinking about how to establish my email marketing campaign (and getting a bit desperate, to be honest!), and now thanks to you, I will be able to do it today. 

    I bookmarked your post, so that I can come back to it anytime, to refresh my memory.

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