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People have been asking me how to make money as ClickBank affiliate so I’m going to walk you through the reasons why you should look at making money as ClickBank affiliate and how to set up a ClickBank affiliate account to make money as ClickBank affiliate.

Why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a growing business opportunity where people can make extra money, Clickbank is the ideal platform for any aspiring affiliate marketer or indeed an established affiliate marketer because of its large and successful affiliate marketing site.

The Clickbank marketplace offers thousands of products in 24 niche areas that you can promote.

Why Clickbank?

There are a number of very good reasons why you should become a ClickBank affiliate and these include above average commissions, fast payment, a large variety of products, newcomer friendly and you can join from almost anywhere in the world.

Above average commissions

Commissions image make money as clickbank affiliate

When you log into ClickBank you will find a ton of products to promote, a large percentage of them pay up to 70% commission, an example if you sell $1,000 of product at the top end you stand to make $700.!

Why are the commission rates so high?

Most of the products sold on ClickBank are digital meaning they don’t cost a lot to produce, they are downloaded meaning no shipping costs, this type of product is ideal compared to a traditional product where you have higher production costs, shipping and customer support.

Fast payment

Payment from ClickBank is weekly, bi-weekly, some of the affiliate networks operate a 30-day net system meaning you have to wait for 30 days after the sale.

This can affect cash flow especially if you are using paid traffic to make sales.

A large variety of productsLarge product range

Clickbank has 24 categories covering thousands of products in tons of different niches, you won’t be stuck finding a niche that suits you.

Newcomer friendly

If you are a newcomer to Clickbank or to affiliate marketing you will find it easy enough to become a ClickBank affiliate, they don’t place any restrictions on new people that want to make money as clickbank affiliate.

They are aware that people try to commit fraud which can have a negative effect on their network.

Join from anywhere in the world.

Clickbank accepts affiliates from almost anywhere in the world by virtue of the fact that they can pay affiliates in four different ways cheque, direct deposit, wire transfer or Payoneer.

How to earn extra revenue

To earn extra revenue through Clickbank you have to follow these four steps set up a ClickBank account, find a product to market, copy your hop link, make money as ClickBank affiliate.

Set up a Clickbank affiliate account

Clickbank affiliate account image make money as vlovkbank affiliate

Setting up a ClickBank account is really easy, go to the home page and the sign-up tab, fill out all the relevant Information your name, address, email etc., it’s free to register, you will be asked for an account nickname to be your user identification.

Following registration, you will receive an email with your nickname (username) and password.


As you start to make sales and for security reasons the first two payments are paid by cheque, after that you can choose to have commission payments paid directly into your bank account.

Some affiliates like to have more than one ClickBank account because they feel that it can be easier to keep a track of the different products that they are promoting.

Find a product to marketClickbank University make money as clickbank affiliate

Spend some time on this part if you are serious to make money as affiliate ClickBank you want to pick a profitable product to promote that fits with your target market or chosen niche.

Go to ClickBank home page, you will see all the categories on the left-hand side, pick a category in your niche, look through the selection of products.

Ask yourself  what is the gravity score, what are the product reviews, is there good affiliate support from the vendor, what are clickbank affiliates saying about the product?

Check the gravity score, it’s a good indication of how popular that product is in terms of sales and demand.

You should also check out the competition of similar of similar products and compare notes on saleability and popularity.

Gravity score is a way for you to know how much competition there is on ClickBank in that niche, a score of 100 or more would indicate that competition is pretty stiff.

On the other hand a gravity score of 45 or less could mean that that product is less popular.

Check the product review score of the product, put the name into the search bar and read what people are saying about the product are they happy with their purchase?

Or are there drawback or is customer service a problem with that product, are there a number of product complaints?

Check what information Clickbank is providing about the product like average commission paid per sale and how high that product ranks in its niche.

Check the affiliate forum within Clickbank, what are affiliate saying about the product and the vendor or owner of that product.

Check the vendors affiliate help page, what are they offering in terms of sales tools and advice, get a feel for the back-up and product details from the vendor.

Copy your hop link

A hop link is simply your tracking link or ID that ClickBank use to keep track of the number of hops (number of times someone clicks on your link) the number of sales and commissions.

So you have made your mind up on some products that you would like to promote, click on the promote button a new window will present, enter your nickname ( tracking ID is optional) it may come in handy if you are spending money on a particular campaign that you want to track results on.

Generate a hoplink

Once you input your nickname ClickBank will provide a hop link your unique to be used to promote that product, when someone clicks on the link and purchases a product you will get the commission.

Hop links can be used and placed within content on a website, or blog, email, campaign or Facebook post.

Getting commissions for salesCommision payment image

When you log into your ClickBank dashboard you can see how many hops or clicks you have had on that product, how many sales and what countries have they come from, you can also see all of your commissions that are usually paid every two weeks.

Clickbank University

Clickbank University is a unique video training course that takes 8 weeks to finish, it will guide you on how to create your own digital information products that you can make available to the tens of thousands of ClickBank affiliates to sell for you.

Video training program

The video training program also teaches you how to make money as a professional affiliate marketer, the course was written by two guys that have made millions themselves by creating products that sell like crazy.

By doing the course you will learn the latest advanced SEO techniques that will enable you to drive traffic to your affiliate offer page and potentially make a lot of money online.

Clickbank a successful businessClickbank University make money as clickbank affiliate

Clickbank has become a very successful business it’s a great place to make money as ClickBank affiliate, another way to make money with their platform is to join Clickbank University.

Clickbank University was designed by the creators of Clickbank Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz to assist affiliate marketers to make money as ClickBank affiliate as a vendor by creating your own product.

On the other hand if you prefer as a ClickBank affiliate by promoting products from other people.

They called it Clickbank University simply because it is just that it’s an online course consisting of two programs number one and number two.

Program number one

This program is designed to teach you how to become a vendor, a vendor is a person that creates their own digital product so that it can be listed on the ClickBank marketplace.

This approach can be mutually beneficial for both you as the vendor and the tens of thousands of ClickBank affiliates.

What the program offers

The program will teach you how to find a profitable niche whether it’s in the make money niche, a health niche, or a home and garden niche, there are digital and physical products to suit almost any niche you can think of.

This method of making money does take time but if you can make a good product that draws the attention of some of the biggest ClickBank affiliates you have the potential to makes tons of money.

Program number two

This is my favourite program from the Clickbank University on a nutshell it teaches you how to make money as ClickBank affiliate by selling products that are made by other people known as vendors.

Basically you can do both if you want be a vendor or keep it simple and sell other people’s products.

ConclusionConclusion image

If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking to capitalise on your website traffic by offering ClickBank products, then this business model is a good idea for you.

Simply open a ClickBank affiliate account, fill in all your details get your nickname and password set up.

Go through all of the 24 categories that ClickBank offer check the gravity score, customer feedback and ClickBank affiliate feedback.

Go to the vendors website and find out what is being offered in terms of tools and support to help you be successful as you go about make money as ClickBank affiliate.

When you have decided on some products that should be profitable you can simply put the hop link on your site or you can spend some money advertising the product and send people directly to the sales page.

Be careful that you get a good return on your investment if spending money on paid ads Facebook can be a relatively inexpensive platform to place ads on however make sure that you don’t contravene their rules and regulations.Clickbank University make money as clickbank affiliate

Clickbank university is a great way to learn how to become a vendor by making your own online product in a profitable niche that will appeal to other affiliates who will promote the product for you.

Clickbank University part two is a must for all aspiring affiliate marketers that need the best training by people that have been there and done that, learn from the experts.

I highly recommend that you do the Clickbank University training course, it will teach you all you need to know to make money as ClickBank affiliate.

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  1. I have joined click since 2017 and have made some couple of dollars from various affiliate program, they pays. Before joining i read some fake reviews on the internet claiming they are scammers but it was a lie. I was happy happy when i discovered  your site speaking about click bank.

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