Search keywords for a website

Search keywords for a website

Keywords are the heart of your website, keywords are what attracts visitors to your website, keywords optimized properly are the difference between losing and winning the game of SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is a topic that you need to know all you can about, you can never rest on your laurels and think that you know all their is to know about SEO.

SEO is changing and evolving nearly every day, I’m going to show you in detail how to look for those juicy keywords that can make you money online and keep your website ahead of the competition,

So how do you search keywords for a website?

Keywords what are they?

Keywords or more specifically SEO keywords are words or phrases that us humans type into a search engine when we want to find something out, whether it is information on a price like a SEO tool or keyword analyser or just some information on how to search keywords for a website.

Keywords are what connects people to your site and helps them to find exactly what they are looking for, in essence keywords are the main driver of search engine optimization, keywords properly optimized will bring the people that you target to your website.

Keyword SEO

You should focus on finding and making the most out of your keyword lists, making the most of your keyword list means using those keywords in an optimized way to direct people to your site.

Keywords are the very foundation of your SEO effort, so my advice is to take your time and make sure that your keywords are organized and highly relevant to the people that you want to attract.

How do you pick the best keywords?

Picking the best keywords begins with a quality keyword tool that doesn’t cost the earth, I recommend that you use the Jaxxy keyword tool, it’s highly effective and has many features that will be invaluable to you in your online business.

Picking keywords shouldn’t be a complicated process, here are the best points to remember

1.Put yourself in your target audience shoes
You have identified your target audience now you need to think like those people.” What would they be searching for” try asking friends or family for keywords or phrases related to your niche.
2. Check your competition
The Jaxxy keyword will give you information on your top 10 competitors, you can check out what they are doing in terms of keywords and meta tags.
3.Long tail keywords
Pay close attention to long tail keywords or words with three or more words phrases or a combination of both, generally speaking long tail keywords have lower search volume however they do bring more targeted traffic, there is less competition so it should be easier to rank with.

Keyword research tool

Use the Jaxxy keyword tool to conduct research on keyword that have potential, study the data always look for high search volume, low competition, keyword quality indicator ( green) and a high SEO quality score (over 90). I also recommend that you watch this great free training on building keyword rich content by my friend Kyle, you will learn a lot from him.


After you have chosen your keywords add them to the tracked rankings section so that you can monitor how well they are doing.

Utilize your keywords

Always make the best use of your selected keywords by inserting them into your website content, blog posts and your social media content, by spreading the best keywords throughout your site makes it easier for people within your target audience to find your content.

Finding the best SEO keywords

Don’t make the same mistakes that online marketers make when they are beginning to learn about SEO keywords research

1. Only researching keywords once
2. Going for keywords that don’t make sense
3. Not checking the keyword list to update it.

Keywords are evolving all the time, it is up to the marketer to keep tabs on changes in keyword trends, you should always look at any free keyword training that is available, use keywords that make grammatical sense even though you will find that people misspell stuff all the time.


I remember writing a health post once with the word Curcumin in it, I didn’t spot that I had actually spelt Curcumin the wrong way I wrote Curcumin, the good news was that article got a lot of views because guess what a number of people actually made the same mistake as me and finished up finding my page!!

Keep an open mind

My advice is to keep an open mind when working with keywords, go for long tail with three words or more you can play around with words using your keyword tool until you are happy that you have found a keyword that is going to work for you.

If you don’t have a good website that you are happy with then I recommend that you try this website building platform, it’s where I built this site.

How to make your SEO Keywords Work for You

Rule number one you put the keyword in the title of your post and in the first paragraph, rule number two you bold the keyword so that the search engines have no difficulty understanding what your post is about.

Rule number three put the keyword into at least three more of your sentences all the way down the page.
Rule number four use other keywords that are relevant to your main keyword and insert them at different spots in your content.

Rule number five make sure that your keywords read in a natural way and that there is a flow to your content.
Rule number six don’t stuff your post with the same keyword, 3-4 times is sufficient throughout a detailed 1,500 word article.

Rule number seven, put the keyword in the meta tag and the meta description, rule number eight put the keyword in the image alt text.

Rule number nine use the keyword as anchor text in a link.
Finally rule number ten, use the keyword in the title url.

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