Start online business from home

Start online business from home

I just love working from home, working from home on my online business is a dream come true but it took me a long time to actually learn how to start online business from home. so that it provides an income for me and my family.

If you are here to ask the question how do you start online business from home then I can help you find the answer if that’s what you want.

Online business from home?

Have you ever tried to build your own online business and for whatever reason it didn’t work out for you?

It’s nothing to be ashamed about because believe it or not you are in the majority of people that fail at online business.

According to the Huffington post over 90% of online business bite the dust in the first four months.

I read the report, it’s interesting to see what the top ten main reasons why people fail at trying to make money on the internet and here they are;

• A lack of knowledge
• Commitment
• No plan
• Keyword selection
• No SEO knowledge
• No proper niche selection
• No sales skills
• No idea of target market
• No support from others
• No passion

A lack of knowledge

If you are prepared to learn the basics of how to get starter building your online business, then I suggest that you complete this free Entrepreneur online certification course.

The course is designed for people that want to build their own website around a subject that they have a passion for, not only build a website but make it into a full time income producing website.

Commitment to online business

I’m going to speak a little on this subject so that when it comes to start online business working from home one of the biggest issues that people who fail is a lack of commitment.

I don’t mean that you should commit to the project without first getting the knowledge, thinking about what niche you want to get into etc.

When you are happy that you have chosen a niche that will be profitable for you then is the time to think about the commitment side of things, when it comes to being a successful online Entrepreneur you will need to be committed to making it work.

No plan

It’s so important to have a plan in place to start your online business at home, plan out each week so that you have enough time to write content that will get your website noticed by the search engines.

No keyword selection

Keywords are an essential part of any successful online business, people type words or what we call keywords into their browsers when they want to find information.

So you will need to spend a lot of your time doing keyword research.

I recommend that you save yourself effort and time by using the same keyword tool that I use every day in my search for long tail keywords relevant to my niche.

No SEO knowledge

SEO is the nuts and bolts of making your content understandable to both the person searching for that specific information and big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

During your online certification course, you will discover all there is to know about the world of SEO, you will learn the latest techniques and be able to put what you learn into practise.

What are the best SEO practises?

Content quality

Content quality will always have to be your number one priority because all of the search engines deliver content and they want to be able to present the best content to people.

Create unique, easy to understand, informative, engaging content that will get noticed and will be presented to the website users, by creating well-structured informational content you give yourself every chance of success in your online business.

My friend Kyle has come up with a very thought provoking FREE training on how to go about the task of creating content.

Keyword targeting

Learn how important keywords are, put them in your page title, put them within the first paragraph, as you fill out your article place your keyword throughout the content but not too much so that it looks like spam to the search engines.

Long tail keywords

People from all over the wild use the internet to find stuff, sometimes they may just put one to two words into search while some put four or five words, those longer words are known as long tail keywords.

For example, someone could type in car parts, somebody else could be more specific and type in car parts for a Honda civic,.

Hopefully you get the message that there are literally millions of keywords that you can write content around and get ranked for.


Google and the other search engines like to see user engagement, in other words people come to your site and leave a comment, you as the website owner respond to that comment and it looks like people are enjoying reading your content.

The more comments there are on your site the more popular it will seem to Google so your site will rank higher for queries in your niche, another aspect is trust, website comments go a long way to establishing trust in your chosen niche.

User experience

At the end of the day the user experience is paramount to the business of making a successful website, the search engines spend a lot of time determining how well people engage with the content on your site.

Not only that but site loading times and how mobile friendly it is come into play also.

Site authority

Creating an authority site will take stamina and patience, if you are prepared to commit the time, implement the best SEO strategies your site will become an authority site over time.

Be consistent at quality content creation, engage with your website visitors, use social media to promote your site.

No proper niche selection

Picking a niche that you can enjoy working on and most important that you can make money on should take up at the beginning a lot of your time.

I have experience of picking the wrong niche to use for my website, in fairness it was a subject dear to my heart but at the end of the day I just didn’t spend enough time researching that particular niche to find out how competitive it was and how difficult it would be to rank for.

No sales skills

Selling is something that if you don’t have any experience of takes practice, in the world of online selling there are a few things to remember,

• You don’t sell you tell
• You don’t sell you recommend
• You don’t sell you lead to a sale
• You don’t sell you let your affiliate links lead to the sale
• You don’t sell you convince
• You don’t sell you inform

No idea of target market

Knowing your target market is half the battle, is your market hungry for more information on what your niche is offering, will they spend money on related affiliate product, how big is your market, how competitive is your market.

These are the questions that you should be asking yourself right at the beginning, trust me it will save you a lot of time and money in the end.

No support from others

The internet can be a very lonely place when you start online business  from home, you are on your own with no one to bounce ideas off, to help you with problems or any technical issues that you have with your website.

Why not join a community of people both young and old on this wonderful online platform where you can make some new friends, get advice on any aspect of building your website, get help with any technical issues that you are having.

Online community online business

This online community of people is the place where I learned to be able to build my online business, honestly, I thoroughly recommend that you take a look inside and find out for yourself how this platform can help you start online business from home.


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