From home based business opportunity

From home based business opportunity

I like the idea of a from home based business opportunity, what I also like is the fact that with the home business that I’m going to tell you about involves very little risk, a small amount of capital, (less than $600) no overheads, no staff, no experience, no insurance, no selling, no phone calls, no meetings, and it is 100% stay at home and work on your computer.

You also have the opportunity to try this home business opportunity for Free.

Does that idea sound interesting to you?

What you will need for this opportunity

• A computer and fast internet connection.

• A willingness to complete an online Entrepreneur Certification Course

• Patience and persistence

• A willingness to learn how online business works

• A passion to be successful

• Family support

Is it going to be easy?

For some people yes and for others no, as individuals we are all unique, some people love working on their computers and using technology it comes easy to them others find it a little bit difficult and need more help.

I’m talking here about creating a website, a website that is going to make money for you, does it cost money to build a website? heck no, you can do that bit for free just go to this page and sign up.

Now that you know where to go to get started on building your website it’s time for you to learn how to start up and build an online business that will produce a passive income for you over time and you won’t have to make one phone call or sell a product.

You will be working with one of the most respected and trusted affiliate marketing platform in the world, it’s where I learned how to build my from home based business opportunity.

The best part is you can try this platform for free to begin with, many people wanted a better life, more money and freedom so this platform has given them the opportunity and the training to accomplish their goals.

What are your goals?

Are you at a crossroads in your life? are you wondering which road to go down next? are you looking to earn some extra money to pay for kids college fees, or to buy a new car, or to just simply pay for stuff that you want to buy?

Are you unhappy in your job, are you looking to have an income when you retire, or do you want to be your own boss?

Whatever your reason for coming to this site, I’m glad that you are here because if you are ready and willing to learn about the wonderful world of affiliate marketing the with the training and support of the people at the Wealthy Affiliate platform I’m 100% convinced that you can take advantage of this from home based business opportunity.

The basics

You can start to learn for free and you will get access to a number of services, this is exactly how I got started, the platform is easy to use I felt comfortable with it, the premium version gives you so much more in terms of support and other features, most people opt for the premium package it shows how serious they are about being successful at their from home based business.

The best place to start is the online Entrepreneur Certification course.

What you will learn.

This course consists of 1-5 levels it us important that you do all of them to fully understand how a website is built and what you have to do to turn it into a money making machine that will sustain you for years to come.

Level 1 will teach you the steps that you need to take to make an income producing website

Level 2 will show you how to get traffic to your site

Level 3 will teach you how to make money from your site

Level 4 will show you how to use social media to attract more visitors to your site

Level 5 teaches how to achieve your potential through writing engaging content

What if you get stuck?

Don’t worry, most of us get stuck at one stage or another, all you have to do is if it us a technical problem you simply contact site support, they are really fast at sorting out any technical issues that you have with your website.

Not only that the community at WA are amazing, so willing to give up their time, expertise and experience to support new people with their new from home business opportunity. It’s a great place to make new friends from all walks of life and from every corner if the world.

Weekly training

Each week as part of the premium package you will have access to what I consider to be the best online business training on the internet hosted by none other than Jay.

Jay goes into great detail each week on one aspect of how to make your online business successful, the training is provided in video presentation format and you can join it live or watch a recorded version later.

Here are examples of some of the training that Jay has given over the last number of years,

• Getting started

• Authoring and writing content

• Search engine optimization

• Website development

• Keyword research

• Niche research

• Market research

• WordPress

• Email marketing

• Understanding social media

This list is just a small sample of the training that is available here at Wealthy Affiliate, you will not need to go anywhere else to learn and to build your website.

What else will you need?

A deep desire and a passion to be successful at your from home based business opportunity, after all it is a business and should be treated as such. A business takes time, for some it will happen within six months in the sense that an income will start to happen and for others it will take longer.

The important thing to remember is learn, learn, learn, from others who have walked the same path that you are on, reach out for advice, read how others have become successful and it will happen for you.

Your niche

During your training you will learn what a niche is, to put it into plain language a niche is a specialist area that gives the reader or website visitor every conceivable piece if information on that exact subject, for example food blenders is a niche subject, in their you could write a full website devoted to the subject of food blenders.

My advice is to take your time and pick your niche wisely, pick a niche or a subject that you know something about, why ? When if comes to writing unique interesting content for your chosen niche trust me it will be so much easier if you pick a niche that you are familiar with or a subject that you are passionate about.

Do you have to be good at writing?

No you don’t need to be good at writing, you do need to be good at communicating with people, after all isn’t that what writing is?

if you are a good communicator then I don’t see any reason why you won’t be successful at building your website by writing interesting and authoritative content that the search engines will love.

How will you make money?

I believe that you should from the outset have a mind-set of someone who wants to write engaging unique quality content for your website visitors. Remember they have come to your site for information on a problem that they have and they are looking for you to solve it for them.

Or they may be looking for information on a product or service and you can provide the answer for them, you make money by what we call affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for entrepreneurs like you and me to make money on our computers working from home, how do we make money?

By creating content that is SEO optimized (more about that in your training) that is appealing to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Go Go and others. Within your content will be what we call affiliate links, these are links to products or services that are related to that content.

If a website visitor clicks on one of those affiliate links and purchases a product or service the you as that company’s affiliate gets paid a commission for the work that you have done.

Ready to get started?

I hope that by now you understand a little bit better how to make money from this home based business opportunity and you want to get started then why not give it a go and go to the free website building page and take the plunge.

Best of luck,


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