Get paid for affiliate marketing

Get paid for affiliate marketing

Want to know how to get  paid for affiliate marketing? It’s TRUE you can really make money from affiliate marketing but a lot depends on certain factors like your commitment, experience, traffic to your site etc.

I’m going to show you how to get paid for affiliate marketing by promoting one thing that all affiliate marketers want and that is how to drive consistent traffic go a website.

Website traffic is the only way to get paid in affiliate marketing because the more traffic your site has the greater your chances of making money from sales on affiliate programs.How does affiliate marketing work

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is definitely the cheapest but not the fastest way to make money online, all that you need to start is some training on how to research your niche market, buy a domain name, set up your website, do keyword research, write content that will,attract visitors to your site, promote, promote, promote your content through social media.

I recommend that you follow the free training outlined in this course, before long you will find your content on the first page of Google, you know what that means in terms of website traffic right!

My second recommendation is that even if you already have a website but you aren’t getting enough traffic to your site join the affiliate marketing community at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will find a lot of help there to point you in the right direction on how to get onto the first page of the search results.

Thirdly, I recommend that you promote the Wealthy Affiliate program because it can be very lucrative, if you want to get paid for affiliate marketing then why not consider promoting the Wealthy affiliate program?.

Carson and Kyle

A little about Wealthy affiliate

Wealthy affiliate was set up by Carson Lim and Kyle Louden in Canada while they were both students, Wealthy affiliate has been a top platform for affiliate marketing training for more than a decade. A lot has changed on the online world of affiliate marketing but Carson and Kyle have been innovators.

By keeping their fingers on the pulse in the industry they have made WA one of the most respected sophisticated and ever evolving affiliate marketing platforms that I or anyone else has worked with.Wealthy affiliate free starter membership

How can you start in WA?

Carson and Kyle have made it super easy to get started in Wealthy Affiliate by offering a free starter account that gives you the chance to take a good look around the platform and check out the features and benefits of being a premium member.

They don’t ask for money until you are sure that you will get paid for affiliate marketing once you know how to drive traffic to your site day after day, there are so many affiliate marketing programs out there that just want to take your money, many of them are scams,  trust me I have fallen for so many get rich quick scams.

 Wealthy affiliate is definitely not one of those.

What are the features and benefits?

I’ll just run through the features and benefits of premium membership in WA:

  • WA has more than one million members that is growing daily, you have access to all members that you follow you can pick the brains of some of the most successful members.
  • Wealthy affiliate training centre offers some of the best affiliate marketing training on the internet, you will have everything that you need get paid for affiliate marketing.
  • Site rubix website builder allows you to find and purchase a domain name set up your website in no time at all!
  • Jaxxy research tool, one of the best keyword tools on the internet, find those quality keywords and rank on page one of Google for them.
  • Live video training every week on a vast array of topics related to internet affiliate marketing.
  • Live affiliate marketing help with IT issues, website or domain issues, they are fantastic people you don’t have to wait long for an answer!
  •  I could go on and on about the features and benefits of being a premium member of WA but I’ll let you decide yourself.Wealthy affiliate benefits

What is the difference between WA and other platforms?

Wealthy affiliate is one of the highest rated reputable affiliate marketing platforms in the industry, it is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, there are no false promises only that if you are willing to put the work in follow the training and over time you will build a solid foundation to underpin your affiliate marketing business.

In addition you will have the tremendous support of the premium members, that is a formula for success.!!

How easy is it to make money?

I would be lying if I said that it was easy to make money in affiliate marketing the same goes for Wealthy affiliate it is not without any flaws, read on while I tell you the pros and cons of joing Wealthy affiliate.

The pros

  • The premium account is the best, cost is under $15 a week
  • IT support is available 24/7 believe me they are very responsive
  • The tools and training are evolving all the time, they are the best.
  • As a premium member you can upload your own training providing the community and your business with exposure to further training.
  • Jay is on hand every Friday with a new live training that covers some important aspect of affiliate marketing
  • You can make money from others joining Wealthy Affiliate by referring others to the platform.

The cons

  • The platform is very interactive, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about the work that you have to do.
  • Like all platforms it takes time to get used to how it all works.
  • Some say its expensive ( $15 a week on yearly payment)

How much money can you make in WA?

Do you have to promote the WA program? Absolutely not, the platform teaches you how to get paid for affiliate marketing having said that the program pays very well so it is certainly worth taking a look at how much affiliate commissions you could potentially make by referring people to the program.

My friend Grace is one of the top earners from the Wealthy affiliate program, Grace is living the dream but make no mistake she works her butt off to get paid from the WA referral program.

Get paid for affiliate marketing

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

Yes and no, there are two mebership levels a free starter membership fir life! the second option is the premium membership at $49 per month or if you pay yearly it costs only $359 that is only $15  a week to run your affiliate marketing business.

Why are people successful in WA?

From my time in WA I’ve noticed four strong reasons why people are financially successful in WA,

  1. They are determined to work hard , they are on a mission to get paid for affiliate marketing, they implement the training and do what has to be done to be successful.
  2. They know that building a long term affiliate marketing business takes time, effort and patience.
  3. They use all of the tools at their disposal most of them are included in the premium membership.
  4. They use other members experience and learn from their mistakes to get to where they want to go in terms of working to get paid for affiliate marketing.

Where do you start?

If you are serious and want to get paid for affiliate marketing then I recommend that you try out the WA platform and open up a starter account, once you see what the platform has to offer I’m sure that you will have no hesitation in upgrading to the premium account.

Some things that I have learned

Affiliate marketing is a tremendous opportunity to get paid for referring other peoples products to your audience, however by learning how to drive traffic to your website you will build a long term sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Within the online Entrepreneur certification course you will learn how to:

  • Research a niche
  • Find and buy a domain name and have it hosted
  • Build out a WordPress site
  • Do keyword research
  • Discover how to write engaging content
  • Learn how to get onto the first page of Google
  • Learn the art of SEO
  • Learn how to promote through social media
  • Learn how to get paid for affiliate marketing


I hope that I have helped you to understand how to get paid in affiliate marketing, to be honest it isn’t a mystery why so many fail at affiliate marketing, they just give up too soon, they aren’t prepared to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, they don’t listen to advice from others that are successful or they don’t take action.

Why not give Wealthy affiliate a try, it could well be the best thing you ever did in learning how to get paid in affiliate marketing.




4 thoughts on “Get paid for affiliate marketing

  1. Thanks for the article, I love the Wealthy Affiliate training, as the free membership helps build trust. I could have just left the platform with what I learned in the free training and went out on my own. However, Kyle and Carson have built a pretty good community and an amazing platform to manage everything so I knew I would have a better chance of succeeding faster with WA.

    I like that you have highlighted the value of promoting WA but also that you don’t have to.

    Making money online is something so many people want to do, The amount of aggressive marketing offering 6 figure sales in under a month is worrying, There are no quick methods that are guaranteed to work but Affiliate marketing offers one of the most honest and realistic revenue building opportunities

    1. Hi Alex,

      I couldn’t agree more, Wealthy Affiliate teaches that making money in affiliate marketing is a learned trade a d one that definitely takes time.

      All the best,


  2. I remember the days when I always hear about affiliate marketing but never get the full understanding of how it works. One day I came across the training that you recommend by Wealthy Affiliate. I immediately tried the free training and it captivated me. I am still learning on the platform but with so many affiliate programs out there, which ones do you think are the best? 

    1. Hi Carol,

      I recommend that you promote the WA and Jaxxy affiliate programs, after that there are so many other products, go to Clickbank, CJ best of luck.


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