How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners FREE!

How to learn affiliate marketing  for beginners FREE!

Affiliate marketing is in big demand at the moment simply because of the 3 billion people that are online searching for answers to their problems.Stay with me as I explain to you in detail how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners free.

In essence an affiliate marketer is a provider of useful information to a website visitor to solve a problem and during the process the website visitor goes away happy with a product or service or just simply the information that they were searching for.

Website visitors purchase a product

Obviously if the website visitor purchases a product or service through an affiliate link on that website the website owner will get rewarded for providing the useful information to the website visitor.

The rewards are in the form of a payment into your bank account, I hope that this has spiked your interest in wanting to find out more information on how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners free.

Affiliate marketing on the internet

I remember when I was at your stage, I read somewhere on the internet that tens of thousands of companies were willing to pay a commission to what is known as affiliate marketers for sending website visitors to their product or service.

How do I learn affiliate marketing

My first reaction was “this sounds interesting” I liked the idea of working from home on my computer in my spare time. My first thought was “how do I learn affiliate marketing” I really hadn’t a clue about where to even start.

I did what most people do I went onto Google search and I typed in “how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners” FREE I was taken to this page and sure enough a ton of information hit me right between the eyes!

I must say I was a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning but the more I read the more I began to understand how affiliate marketing works in principle.

The Principle of Affiliate Marketing

By now you will have some idea of the principle behind affiliate marketing, it’s quite simple really, companies across the globe have a product or service, the thing that they want the most is more SALES!

Product or service sales are the lifeblood of any company and help to protect the company’s income and the livelihood of its owners and staff.

These companies are willing to engage in an affiliate marketing program, these programs are run by larger companies like Share a Sale, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Network, and one of the biggest affiliate platforms is Amazon affiliate program.

Stick with me, by the end you will understand fully how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners free.

Affiliate marketing commissions

A company wants someone to handle the affiliate side of their business, they enlist the services of one of the affiliate networks that I mentioned who put together the commission structure, banners and links to products.

The affiliate program also keeps track of the amount of impressions, product or service clicks and sales for that particular company, this has obvious benefits for the company in the sense that they can get on with what they do best which is product manufacturing and sales.

Commission structure

The commission structure will vary from company to company, a good rule of thumb is anywhere between 5-95 % commission can be paid out on products or services.

I realize that 5% commission sounds like a small amount of money but one thing that you have to remember is, this is the internet that we are talking about here, the internet is the BIGGEST STORE ON THE PLANET in terms of what can be achieved in sales volume.

Is it going to be easy to achieve lots of sales on the internet, well the answer is no, it’s not easy a lot depends on how good you are at learning how things work and how fast you can put what you learn into practice.

Learn affiliate marketing for beginners free imageAffiliate Marketing-The Basics

First and foremost, you must spend time learning what makes people go to Google to do a search in the first place, second you need to learn how to write good quality content, third you need a good quality website and excellent back up support.

Believe me having good responsive back up support is key, especially when you are tearing your hair out trying to sort out a problem with your website.

Fourth and this is something that has really helped me, having the support of an online community made up of people from all walks of life is a life saver especially when you have a question that you may think is stupid.

All you have to do is put the question out to the online community and rest assured somebody will have the answer for you!

Another positive about belonging to an online community of people just like yourself is you can make some new friends with people of similar age and interests.

Learn affiliate marketing for beginners freeStart affiliate marketing

My suggestion is that you start by clicking here on the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course this is exactly the course that I did.

This course is easy to understand and is certified, the first module is all about Getting Rolling

Module 2 is Understanding how to make money online

Module 3 Choose a niche

Module 4 Building your own niche site

Module 5 Setting up your website

Module 6 Getting your site ready for search engines

Module 7 Creating your initial website content

Module 8 Creating custom menus

Module 9 Understanding keyword

Module 10 Congratulations and your next steps.

Choosing a niche

Most people find this part the hardest because sometimes they feel that they don’t have enough knowledge of a niche to write enough good quality content. What is a niche I hear you ask?

A niche or a niche market is described as a subset of a much larger market with its own specific needs or preferences, it may be somewhat different from the much larger market.

I’ll give you an example within a market for football boots there are many alternative niches or market segments, for example football boots for women as opposed to football boots for men, football boots for children as opposed to football boots for teenagers, or football boots for winter as opposed to football boots for summer.

Do you see what I mean?

There are millions of different niche markets the trick is to find what niche that you passionate that you understand it you have experience of.

You like it and most of all you can write tens of thousands of words related to that niche that will be of interest to people that are searching on the internet for products or services in your desired niche.

Fuel your passion image learn affiliate marketing for beginners freeNeed some ideas for affiliate marketing? 

What are you good at?

Ask yourself the question, are you an avid gardener for example, do you love to dig your garden up each year and plant beautiful flowers and shrubs or perhaps you are a brilliant vegetable gardener.

You like to be able to eat your own home-grown vegetables. You may be crazy about the game of golf, why not start a website around that?

My friend loves Cocker spaniels wouldn’t that be a good idea for a niche marke?

These are some small examples to help you decide what niche would be best for you to design your website around, you already know a lot about the subject so it’s just a matter of deciding on your market niche, choosing a domain name, deciding on a theme for your website

Decide on the layout of your website, decide on what you want to write about and most important decide on how you are going to monetize that website.

Picking a profitable niche

Hopefully by now you have decided on a niche that you are going to be comfortable writing about, on the writing part don’t worry too much that you will run out of stuff to write about, the beauty of the internet is it is limitless.

There is so much free information out there on any subject that you can imagine, all you have to do is research your preferred niche.

In my case I decided to that my first site was going to be in the alternative health area, my reasoning for this decision was based on my own experience of using natural products for certain health challenges that I had experienced.

For example I had very bad hip pain for about 18 months, my doctor sent me to see a hospital specialist who diagnosed hip bursitis, it is a form of inflammation in the bursa around the hip area.

I was advised to keep taking prescription painkillers every time the pain started however my instinct was to search the internet for a natural solution.

I just didn’t like the idea of taking drugs so I opted for a natural enzyme which over time got rid of my hip pain altogether.

Why I started my website

From that experience I wanted to let other people know that this enzyme worked well for me and perhaps it would work as well for somebody else also.

I started my website based on providing solid useful information about hip pain and where an interested person could go to look for natural supplements to help with common health conditions.

I found that the more I researched the subject the more I realized that people were interested in learning more about natural health products.

This gave me the motivation to write more well researched content that resonated with my audience. The point is good quality well researched content will be found by the largest search engine in the world Google.

When Google starts to love what you write more people will find what you write and follow your suggestions leading to them purchasing a product or service from your website.

Learn affiliate marketing imagePassion

I am devoting this paragraph to a one word because it is a very important word for many reasons.

Passion the word means that you eat, sleep and live for whatever you are passionate about, passion is the very essence of what drives people to become successful in their lives.

Just stop and think for a, moment about somebody like Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon, imagine how passionate he was about building an online business where people could come to and buy products from almost anywhere in the world.

At the beginning

I’m sure that Mr Bezos had many dark days at the beginning of his Amazon business in 1994 before he could see that it was going to be successful. He started off selling a range of books and turned Amazon into the biggest store in the world.

Passion is the fuel that keeps people going through good times and through bad times, passion is a belief in one’s ability to get through any obstacles that are put in the way of making progress, passion is a limitless source of energy, passion is the driver of all successful people.

I hope that you have a passion for something and if you do that is the direction that you should go in your quest to learn affiliate marketing for beginners and build a sustainable long term income for yourself and your family using the power of the internet by building a


Keyword Research

When people want to find some information on a particular subject, let’s say they are looking for information on “how best to make a marriage work” they take out their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Depending on which internet browser they use they will type in to the search bar some words associated to what information they are looking for.

A survey was done in 2018 it showed that Google had a 74% share of all searches on the internet that year, although this has been slowly reducing as Badu i’s share has been increasing.

Back to keywords, if you want to make a success of your niche website you will need to understand keywords because keywords are what helps the search engines to find your site and decide how to rank your site.

There are long tail keywords and short tail keywords, you will need a good keyword tool to help you with this task, I highly recommend that you use Jaxxy a quality research tool.

Jaxxy is the keyword tool that I use it really is top class, it will be of valuable assistance to you when doing your keyword research.To try Jaxxy research tool CLICK HERE


Back to “how to best make a marriage work” these are some examples of long tail keywords relating to that subject:

  • how to make a marriage last
  • make my marriage last
  • what make a good relationship work?

Now for the short tail keywords

  • marriage works
  • save my marriage
  • marriage help

As you can see there are millions of keywords associated with this niche, you need this keyword tool to help you find out more about these keywords.

For example, you will need to know what the quarterly search results for that keyword are, the number of competing websites and the number of visitors that you can expect if your page with that keyword gets to page one on Google.

The rewards for getting your page into the top 10 results on Google cannot be underestimated, I mean when was the last time you performed a search online and you looked past the first page of the results?

Getting on the first page of Google

It is so important that you follow the “how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners” FREE course to the letter otherwise you will struggle to make an income from your niche website.

There is a lot to learn even if you have tried to make money online in the past so much has changed so by learning what has changed and putting into practice what you learn you will set yourself up for success in the future.

Is it going to be easy?

Absolutely not! however with the training, support and help from others within the community I’m 100% confident that you will make a living online.

Once you get some confidence in what you are doing you may want to upgrade to the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU GET FOR THIS AMAZING PRICE

Wealthy Affiliate Community

It’s hard to describe what it means to be part of an online community where everybody is so willing to give up their time and help a fellow affiliate marketer.

I’m constantly amazed at how much people are willing to go out of their way to help.

Making money from affiliate marketing can sometimes be a lonely and frustrating place to be, but I guarantee no matter how you are feeling there will be others who have been there and done that, all you must do is reach out and ask for help.

A lot of the community make training videos and share them for Free with the community, for example Loes did a video training on how to make money writing your own blog you can check it out by Clicking Here


In summary should you decide to take the plunge and start the process of “how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners” all you have to do is click here to get started, my advice is to take your time and complete the 10 modules fully.

Then you will have a good understanding of what it takes to become successful at affiliate marketing.

Success is just waiting for you around the corner if you can apply yourself to learning, have faith in the process and above all else keep the fire burning inside you around the passion that you have for your niche.

PS May I wish you all the best on your journey there are no limits to what you can achieve, I am always available if you need any help or guidance on how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners free all you have to do is contact me at my email address here.

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