I want to build a website.

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I want to build a website.

I want to build a website is a familiar theme these days because of the explosion in the number of people that are on the internet looking for information on products and services.

It is estimated that more than 3 billion people access the world wide web at any one time to search for information on a product, service or a subject that they care deeply about for example peoples health is one of the most searched terms on the worldwide web.

Have you uttered those words to yourself “I want to build a website“? if you have then you will need to spend some time finding out the best way to build your own website so that you don’t waste any time getting to where you want to go.

It is possible to build a beautiful website once you know what you are doing. Click here for FREE Website Training

Where do you start?

You could start by spending a lot of money on so called website training courses that promise a lot but don’t deliver on their promise, why would you do that? it just doesn’t make any sense because this FREE WEBSITE TRAINING is all that you will need to begin the journey of building your own website.

Why do you want to build your own website?

This is a very important question that you need to ask yourself otherwise you may be doing it for the wrong reasons, are you thinking of building a website because:

You just like the idea

You have a passion and you want to share it

You are fed up with your job and you want something different

You want to make money online

You want an extra income

You just like to write

You want to have your own blog

You don’t have a pension plan

You want to work from home

You like computer work

All of these reasons are perfectly valid to start you on the journey of website building, however like all good ideas for a website you will need the appropriate website building training to turn your ideas into a beautiful website that people will want to visit.

Learn to build a website

FREE Website training

Building a website is relatively simple providing you know what you are doing, there are several steps to take before you jump in.

First you need to decide on the subject matter of your website,take my advice and think about what is it that you would like to write about.

Ask yourself “do I have enough knowledge of the particular subject” or where can “I access a knowledge base” that will help me to write about that subject in a concise and interesting manner so that the visitor to your site will stay long enough to read what you have written.

On the internet these days people stay on average for less than 1 minute on a site. Having said that some of my website visitors have stayed and read my articles for anything from 2 minutes up to 60 minutes,  I’m quite proud of that number, It means I put the FREE Training into practice.

Get started

Everybody has their own reasons for building a website so really the question is how do you get started? There is so much to learn so start with the basics and complete the Turn your passion into a thriving online business course. 

This FREE course will walk you through building a website and grow a business within any niche that you care to mention.

Good Luck!



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