Learn affiliate marketing for FREE

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Learn affiliate marketing for FREE

Would you be interested in how to learn affiliate marketing for FREE ? About a year ago I was that person who wanted to learn how to make a living from affiliate marketing.

Now I am happy to report that I have put the FREE Training into practice and I am making some passive income from the websites that I built.

I have built three websites during the past year, the one that I started first is in the health niche I have used all the FREE affiliate training to learn how to

  • Research a niche that I was interested in
  • Find keywords to use in my articles
  • Find out how to get on Google’s first page
  • Make 12 YouTube videos for my niche.
  • Learn how to promote my sites on social media

The list of things that I have learned from the Free Training is exhaustive, I mean free training on nearly every possible way to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know what affiliate is i will do my best to explain it to you.

Nearly every single company that is selling their products online has an affiliate programme meaning that you can make a passive income from promoting their products via your website. Is it easy to make money online?

No in fact it can be quite hard to make it as an affiliate marketer unless you know what you are doing so that is where Wealthy Affiliate fills in the FREE Training side of affiliate marketing.

They provide a huge amount of FREE Training on the affiliate marketing industry,did you know that there are more than 3 billion people online looking for a product that somebody has to sell.

At Wealthy Affiliate there is a giving community, what do I mean by “giving” let me explain if somebody in the community at Wealthy Affiliate is stuck on a particular aspect of their work or something to do with building their website.

All that person has to do is put the question to the community here at WA and sure enough somebody will have been in the same situation found the answer and is willing to payback the community by giving the answer to that person.

Catalogue of Top Industry Training

Literally there are thousands of training modules that cover almost everything that an affiliate marketer will need to be successful at running an online business. In fact the community make training videos and most of them are top class and they are released to the community without charge.

Can you make money online?

Yes of course as long as you do the training and put it into practice each and every day, at the beginning it will feel like you have a mountain to climb but rest assured with the support of the community here at WA and the FREE Training you have a much better than average chance of making money at affiliate marketing.

Is this a scam?

Is this a scam? Trust me I have been scammed more times than I care to remember, I was skeptical at the beginning but as I progressed through the FREE training I knew that I was on the right track.

Am I making money? Yes I have made money this year but every business takes time to build.

Start building an affiliate website page by page utilizing the FREE Training. What you will find is that your website will start to get visitors sent to you by GOOGLE.

These people are usually interested in the content that you have created, if you can hold their attention and lead them to make a purchase then just RINSE & REPEAT.



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