Search engine marketing training

Search engine marketing training

Did you know that each day on the search engine Google there are more than 7 billion search queries, many of these search queries are a potential opportunity for your website business.

I’m assuming that you want to create a website to make money.

Each time someone uses a keyword that takes them to your website you have the opportunity to ask them to click on a recommended product or service.

Enough clicks on your site means more money in your pocket so you need to read this page search engine marketing training because the higher your site ranks for keywords the greater your chance of online success.

The greater the passion you have for your website the better the chances of you making it a success.

I’m going to walk you through best practice in search engine marketing training, read on and find out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

I will go through your search engine marketing training in depth, from there you should know the best strategies to implement into your marketing business to extract as much revenue as possible from your website visitors.

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is the process of getting your content in line with Google algorithms so that your site is user friendly, fast loading, informative, mobile friendly, and many other variables.

The higher your content ranks in line with search results related to your business the greater the chance that visitors will click on the excerpt and visit that page.

More website visitors means more clicks, more clicks lead to more sales and ultimately more revenue.
Be assured it is only half the battle getting visitors to your site, you need to know how to be effective at search engine marketing to get the maximum out of each website visitor.

Website optimization

It’s not enough to just keep writing pages and adding them to your site, it doesn’t mean that those pages will rank on Google and other search engines when someone types a keyword associated with your website into their browser.

Learning how to optimize your site will mean the world of difference to your income, you need to keep yourself informed about search engine marketing and the latest trends so that you are using the very best strategies that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Any website owner can use search engine marketing to come up on the first page of the search results for any given keyword, the more times that this happens to your site the greater the chance that Google will recognise your site as an authority in that niche.

Search engine marketing strategies

There are a number of ways to increase the visibility of your website and content, I’m going to focus on the two main ones which are SEO and PPC.

SEO or search engine optimization

SEO is the bigger of the two because it deals with many aspects of a making a successful website business.

I’m going to focus on the main points of SEO and they are techniques to move your site up in the rankings.

SEO is the free way to attract people to your website while PPC is the paid way, which would you prefer?

I’m going to cover how to target your audience, how to check out your competition, how to do keyword research, how to create outstanding content, how to optimize tags and headlines, how to make your site user friendly, how to use pay per click, and which search engines should you focus on.

How to target your audience

Knowing your target audience is an absolute must in your SEO strategy because Google will only show the most relevant pages to the person typing that keyword into the search engine.

If you want to be top of the pile you need to know precisely who your target market is.

How do you know your target market?

You need to examine in depth your service or product, write down all the features and benefits and then do an analysis on what type of people would be interested in your product or service.

When you know your target audience you can write content that will appeal to them.

The first step is your target audience.

You must know your target audience, because Google’s ranking algorithm is based heavily on serving the most informational and beneficial results to a searcher.

So if you want your content to be high in the rankings, it’s crucial that you know exactly who your target searcher is.

This allows you to cater to their needs with your content, keywords, and overall usability of your website.

As part of your SEO strategy it pays to study your audience, by taking time to understand their wants and desires will allow you to get a feel for what they are interested in ,the type of information they are looking for, their primary needs and goals, and demographic information.

Information is the key that will determine what kind of keywords your audience is searching for, what kind of content will be best received, and even how to design your website.

Look at your competition

Unless you know what your competition is doing especially if they are beating you in the search engine rankings then you can’t make the improvements to your site to beat them.

Every online business is competing for customers to buy their products and to be more visible online

So what do you need to do to dislodge the competition? You need to go onto their site and take a long hard look at how their content is structured, do they have a fantastic landing page, how often do they publish pages or posts? do they have a compelling call to action? how long are their posts?

By becoming familiar with your competitors websites and their approach you can adapt if you see something that could be done to your site that could make all the difference to your rankings.


Keywords are crucial to having a successful SEO campaign because if you can pick the right keywords and build a website around them you can get to the top of the rankings and make money from those pages.

Researching keywords is a process whereby you use your industry know how, your audience, your content and research software to come up with low competition and high keyword value that you can use to monetize your content.

Keyword tools

Having a good quality keyword tool is worth its weight in gold, this is my favourite keyword tool, I highly recommend it.

Think about a niche that you are working on, pick a word associated with that niche and type it into the keyword tool, you should get back a large list of common keywords related to and including the keyword that you typed in.

You will also get the monthly search volume, the level of competing websites, SEO difficulty and cost per click if you want to advertise.

Keyword advice

The information that you get from your keyword is beneficial to your SEO strategy the best advice is to choose keywords that have a high monthly search volume, low competition and low cost per click.

The keyword tool stores all of the information that you have gathered it will track your keywords so you know how well your SEO strategy is working.

When researching keywords use a location for example ” best car wash in Kentucky” by putting the location in the keyword will help your business to rank higher in a local search.

Keywords with the local area in them show up well in Google map results,so your site will be found.

Long tail keywords

A long tail keyword is one with more than three words in it, these are a great place to look because typically the competition is low lower cpc but lower traffic, you can still rank but the volume of traffic will be lower.

Creating content

Creating content is the most important part of your SEO strategy because each page will rank on it’s own merits, your content must be useful and provide answers for the people who are visiting your site.

Content should be well thought out with a structure a beginning a ,middle and an end, content is made up of the written word, images, videos and downloadable pdfs.

If you need help on creating quality unique content then go to this free training.

Your content should go into great detail and cover a broad range of topics that will be beneficial to your visitors, always be searching for new keywords that you can use to write even more valuable content for your site.

Content should be informative and answer questions, Google will push your site up the rankings if you are making the effort to communicate good solid information to your website visitor.

Start a blog

A blog on your site is another way to create content, people like to read blogs you can have a link to your blog at the top of your page, here is a great training on how to start a blog.

Don’t just write content after content, make sure that each time you write a paragraph it contains no more than four to five lines of text,.

Use free to use images or videos to break the text up, your website visitor will find their user experience more interesting.

At the end of the day you want the user experience to be the best it can be because it will keep them on your site for longer increasing the chance of more sales.

Optimization of tags and headings

Optimization in its broadest sense is essentially making the maximum use of your content, tags, headlines, images and videos to get the most exposure from all of the search engines.
Search engines are not real people but they are designed by real people so you need to learn how to please search engines, this training will help you to understand this essential part of SEO.

When you insert an image into your content usually to the right you will need to optimize the image by putting keywords relevant to your article in the title and heading tags.

Keyword stuffing

Some affiliate marketers believe that by stuffing keywords into the content that Google will pick up on that and rank the page, in fact the reverse is true Google frowns upon keyword stuffing and it will hurt your rankings.

How to make your site user friendly

Having a user friendly site should be priority for website owners, the quality of the user experience is a big ranking factor in the search engines eyes.

Take a look at this training it will help you and give you ideas on how to make your site user friendly.

Make your site easy to get around and find content always have a search bar placed where people can find it, use a fast loading theme, in today’s online world it doesn’t take much to lose a website visitor.

Page speed is part of your SEO strategy you can use Google page insights to help you with this.

Mobile friendly site

The growth in sales of mobile phones means that a high proportion of your website visitors will use their mobile phones to access your content, based on that you need to make sure that your site is mobile friendly, in other words it loads quickly, content is easy to find and read and videos open and play easily.

Site navigation should be just as easy on a mobile as it is on a desktop or tablet.

Which is the best search engine to focus on?

Without a doubt Google is the largest search engine on the planet with about 70% of searches or 4.4 billion each day, so it makes sense to work your SEO plan around Google guidelines.

In second place is Bing with about 8 million searches per day closely followed by Yahoo with approximately 5 million searches a day.

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) is a way to get people to your site depending on which search engine you use the price you pay for popular keywords can be high.

For example if you want to pay for a competitive keyword like ” the best place for food on New York” the amount of restaurants willing to place bids for that keyword will be high pushing the price up.

Having said that pay per click can bring a good return and can be an effective strategy to gain more business in a targeted way.

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