Website keyword tool

Website keyword tool

A website will never amount to making any money without properly optimized keywords, keywords are the gold dust of any successful website. Finding those short tail and long tail keywords should be the number one priority for any online business to do that you need a website keyword tool.

A website keyword tool that doesn’t cost a lot of money but does all the research that you need it to do is a genuine alternative to Google keyword planner and other website keyword tools.

I recommend Jaxxy keyword tool and here are the reasons why:

•  Jaxxy have a free version so you can try it out to see the features.

•  You get 30 keyword searches with the free version

•  Jaxxy is priced well at $19 per month when you are a premium member of the Wealthy affiliate community

•   It’s cheaper than most other keyword tools

•   The interface is very easy to use

•   You can save your keyword list

•    You can track your keywords

•   Jaxxy provides neat training videos on how to use their website keyword tool

Why a website keyword tool?

The internet has gazillions of websites, blogs, posts, pages and videos, they all have one thing in common each contains keywords within the content, I’m sure that most content creators want people to find their content.

People who run websites or blogs have expenses and running costs so it makes sense to use a website keyword tool that is going to bring potential customers to their websites, and some will purchase a product or service from that site.

Computer imageWhy do people search the internet?

Every time someone types a keyword into a search engine it is an expression of their wants, needs, interests and desires so having a good keyword tool at your disposal can assist you in analysing keywords for your niche.

By writing good unique content based on the needs of your target audience means that you are serving their wants and desires and your search engine rankings will go up. When you combine good unique content with a well thought out SEO strategy your chances of success increase ten fold.

Jaxxy keyword tool

The Jaxxy keyword tool will assist you to discover many new long tail keywords related to your niche website don’t forget most long tail keywords are lower in competition and can be profitable.

Open the Jaxxy interface, enter a basic keyword press search and let the website keyword tool do its magic! You should see several long tail keywords play around with them until you find one that sticks out, it should have a monthly search volume of 50 plus and a small number of competing websites less than 40.

Just remember you get five keywords with Jaxxy free account, Jaxxy pro has 30 keywords and Jaxxy enterprise has unlimited keyword searches. You can compare all of the plans by going here.

Which plan is best for you?

Depending on your budget and what you want to achieve you have several choices.

1.The Jaxxy free account

This is ideal if you aren’t sure whether Jaxxy will suit your needs or not the Jaxxy free account is ideal for you, just sign up here and you will be able to do 30 keyword searches for free.

2.The Jaxxy pro account

This website keyword tool is a must for serious online website owners it has so many features, the monthly price of $49 for Jaxxy pro can be a little steep for some people.

However, I pay $19 per month for Jaxxy pro as part of the membership package for access to the Wealthy affiliate platform.

What is Wealthy affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is in my opinion the very best platform for affiliate marketers, it was set up several years ago by two college friends Kyle and Carson as a resource for aspiring affiliate marketers.

Since its inception Wealthy affiliate has strived to be the best platform where ordinary people have access to world class training that includes an online Entrepreneur certification course.

I have completed the Entrepreneur certification course, to be honest the word that I would use for this course is CLASS, if you are an aspiring internet affiliate marketer you simply must do this course.

The course will take you through the basics of how to set up a website, how to build traffic, how to make money from your site and so much more.

Have you struggled to make money online?

The failure rate for online business is exceptionally high, as far as I can see more than 90% of online businesses fail, why is that? I believe that a lack of preparation and a lack of knowledge are the two main reasons for online business failure

Obviously, it isn’t as simple as just building a website and then sit back and watch the money roll in, it takes a lot of patience and persistence to make a success of making money as an affiliate marketer. A key part of online success is training.


I believe that training is the key to getting your niche website up running and making money for you, I highly recommend that if you have been struggling to make money online that you do the online Entrepreneur certification course here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You won’t regret it.

3.The Jaxxy enterprise account

The Jaxxy enterprise account costs €99 per month, it has 5 times, more features than the pro account, I use the pro account I believe that it has enough features for most affiliate marketers needs.

What do the symbols mean?


Shows the keyword that you entered

2. Avg.

Indicates the monthly average searches for that keyword, it is an estimate so numbers may vary a little than what you see on Google. In my experience the monthly average search is normally accurate.

3. Traffic

Again, it is an estimate of the monthly traffic that you can expect when your page is on the first page of Google, obviously the higher on the first page that you are the higher the number of website visitors.

4. QSR

QSR means quoted search results, pay close attention to this number because it gives an approximate number of websites that are competing with your site for that keyword.

In general, 300 websites would be considered medium competition while 200 would be low and under 100 is what you should look for because this is where you have the best chance to make money.

5. KQI

Keywords are categorized into search difficulty, so they are colour coded according to how difficult it is to rank for that keyword, so these are the colours to look for

Green is the best

Yellow could be difficult

Red could be very difficult

6. SEO

SEO is a measurement of how well other competing websites have optimized their sites, if you see a high score of close to 100 that means you have a good chance of success. Your aim for keywords should be a low QSR and a high SEO value.

7. Domains

I wouldn’t worry too much about this metric, it will tell you if any of the keywords that you have entered in the search bar have an exact domain name. In my opinion you should disregard this metric because so many articles have stated that Google doesn’t use exact match domain as a ranking factor.

8. Related

This is a useful list that throws up similar keywords, so you have more options to find keywords that have low competition and high traffic.

Even more features

Alphabet soup

With this feature you can brainstorm for keyword ideas by typing in a generic keyword, the system will come up with a list of related keywords that you can work with.

Saved List

Keywords is a large part of any online business so you will be spending a lot of time on this task, Jaxxy allows you to search for millions of keywords that have potential to make you money. The saved list is a great idea for future work on those keywords.

Search History

Search history can help you look up any previous keyword searches that you did.

Search Analysis

I like this tool, it’s very handy for searching on the main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for keywords that are already there. You can view the site, URL, meta description and keywords, links to the site, word count, backlinks, keyword density and Alexa rank.

Site Rank

Your site rank is something that you should monitor, this tool is excellent for that task.


Jaxxy is super easy to use, however if you need any help there are four videos that will explain Jaxxy and how it works in detail.

Your search for a good Website Keyword Tool has ended, look no further try JAXXY Now, go to the sign up page here.

6 thoughts on “Website keyword tool

  1. I think that keyword research is the most important part of building a website, as, without targeted keywords, your site will just float out there in cyberspace and never be found by the right people.

    I use Jaaxy for this purpose and this is one membership I won’t give up easily, as, without this tool, I wouldn’t be able to find all the great keywords that I use on my websites and these get me loads of visitors. I never ever write an article without consulting with Jaaxy first.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I use Jaxxy every day, it gets the job done and finds good long tail keywords that are if value ti me.


  2. When I first started the online business, I do think of making long words myself which were really stressful and a time-waster, but I got introduced to jaxxy keyword and it was really helpful, it works really well more than it cost because its registration is very affordable and its fast in work thanks a lot for this post 

  3. Hi

    Thank you for this interesting review of Jaaxy, as getting the right keyword is important especially when a website is starting. The biggest problem is getting the search query right, as we are not certain exactly what term  is search for and what keyword Google and other search engines rank the article for. This is hard to do, as we are uncertain what Google ranks posts for and we will never know. Jaaxy is good to get a feel but it is still not an exact science, but as they say it is better than nothing.

    A useful tool for helping you to get ahead.



    1. Hey Antonio,

      You are correct, keywords are the lifeblood of a website, Jaxxy keyword tool is a means of finding relevant keywords for your niche website.


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