How to write a blog for money

How to write a blog for money

Are you looking for information on how to write a blog for money? My step by step free guide will help you to write a blog that will create a following and over time you will make money from your blog.

FintanMy name is Fintan, I have been blogging for a living for many years, it doesn’t matter what old or how young you are or what level of writing skills you possess, I’m going to teach you how to write a blog for money.

Once you know the basics of how to set up a blog and how to monetize your blog you can make a very comfortable living from blogging.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that has a focus on written content in the form of blog posts, you often hear about news blogs or a celebrity blog, basically anyone can start a blog about any subject that they please.

Bloggers very often use their life experiences as a base subject for their blog, more often than not their blog will resonate with others that have or are having the same experiences.

This helps the blogger to form a connection with their readers, you often see that reflected in the comments section of any blog.

A blog is unique in many ways, it helps the blogger to interact and build trust with their readers, once trust is established with the blog readers, they become loyal.

Loyal readers will purchase recommended goods and services through affiliate links within the blog.

Why should you start a log?

First of all, you don’t need to be a professional writer to start a blog, all it takes is a little training on how to write a blog for money, being able to communicate with people helps as does patience and perseverance.

You don’t have to be a complete expert at your chosen blog either because the internet can be your research partner when you want to find out stuff on your blog niche.

To be honest most of the general public want to read in plain English what you are trying to say.

Keep your blog interesting and engaging for your readers, share your experience and give insights into each blog subject, write for people about a topic or niche that interests you let your passion shine through in your blog posts.

How to write a blog for moneyHow much money do the top bloggers make?

Blogging for a living can be quite lucrative, according to a top blogging website there are 50 top bloggers that make between $15,000 -$85,000 per month for their efforts, that’s a nice income but of course it didn’t happen overnight.

If you can learn how to write a blog for money and put into practise all the tips and tricks that I will show you there is no reason that you won’t be making a living from your blog within 12 months or so.

Find a community

We can all learn from other bloggers and what they are doing, blogging is a living breathing way to communicate with people of similar interests.

Blogging is a way to educate people based on your experience, blogging is a way to work from home and make money from your blogs.

I am part of an online community of writers and bloggers, I have learnt so much from others within the community that has helped me to make a living online blogging, you can learn from the community by going to this page.

People engaging with a website image start online business working at home

How should you start a blog?

There a few steps that you should follow before starting your blog, planning your blog, decide on what you want from your blog, pick a blog title, use buzz words in your blog, know your target audience, building an authoritative blog, make money from your blog.

1.Planning your blog
As with any worthwhile project forward planning means less time wasted on tasks that won’t actually help to make a successful blog.

Take time to plan, do your research, gather all the information in one place so that you have a clear vision of your pathway to success.

2. What do you want from your blog?
It’s important to know what you want from your blog in terms of what do you want to write about, how will you write quality content.

How much money do you want to earn, and what types of audience do you want to target.

3. Pick a blog title
Spend some time on the title of your blog, use a keyword research tool to help you identify a popular keyword that should go in the title of your blog.

4. Use buzz words in your blog.
When it comes to getting people to click and read your blog you need to use buzz words in the title, a buzz word is a word that grabs the reader’s attention enough to make them want to click on the link to find out more.

For example, a good blog title ” My experience of making money through blogging” catches the reader’s attention enough to make them want to read on.

5. Know your target audience
Knowing your target audience means doing research on what type or age group of people would be interested in what you have to say in your blog, for example if you want to blog about periscopes there may not be a huge audience for that subject.

6. Build an authoritative blog
Building an authoritative blog takes a lot of time, you have to use the right keywords along with making your content engaging and SEO optimized for the search engines.

You also need to build your blog brand so that when people see your name, they instantly know that you are an authority in your chosen blog.

7. Make money from your blog
The hardest part of any successful money-making blog is actually creating great content that is fully optimized to take advantage of the search engines algorithms.

Search engines use a range of algorithms or rules to determine first of all what your blog is about and secondly is your blog content useful to your blog readers in terms of readability and user friendliness.

Once you have an established blog that attracts thousands of visitors each month you can make money from it in several ways.

1. Sell your own products or services
2. Get paid to write product reviews
3. Apply to Google AdSense
4. Recommend affiliate products

blog structure image how to write to make money

What is the best way to start a blog?

Once you are happy about the type of niche blog that you are going to do, you can learn how to write a blog for money by following these 6 steps

1. Pick a name for your blog
Try to use a name for your blog that is descriptive and memorable, is it going to be a personal blog based around your hobby or interest, or is it going to be a blog about cooking for example.

2. Blogging platform

You will need a blogging platform where you host your blog, write your blog content and share your blog with the world, I recommend that you use this platform for your blog, it’s the same one that I use and you found me right!


Wordpress blog

The platform that I use recommends that you use Word press to publish your blog content, Word press is very popular in the blogging world because of its simplicity to use, its wonderful features and the choices that you have for your blog theme.

Did I mention that Word press is free to use? believe it or not Word press is free to use, you only have to pay a small fee if you decide that you like a particular theme and you want the features and benefits of the pro version.

3. Domain name

Now that you have found a place to do your blogging the next step in the process is to choose a domain name, my advice is to try for a domain name they are most popular and valuable should you decide to sell your blog down the road.

So for example your blog is about cooking and your name is Sam, go for a simple but memorable domain like for example, you can find out if your preferred domain name is available by going to this site.

4. Pick a theme

Within the WordPress back office, you will see on the left-hand side of your menu Appearance click there and find themes, add new theme you will find thousands of themes, play around with the install and preview until you find a theme that you like.

Install the theme and go to customize where you can pick your font and size, you can also pick your theme colour, add an image for your blog as well.

5. Start writing your blog

Go to your WordPress log in, click posts and add a new post, at this point you will have used your keyword tool and found a good keyword to use for this post.

Put the keyword in the title (use the keyword 5-6 times throughout the content) and in the first paragraph keep your paragraphs short or bite sized to about 5-6 lines.

Use images to break the text up and to keep the post interesting, put a description of the image in the alt text so that the search engines will know what it means.

Minimum words

Write a minimum of 2,000 words, do a spell check, click preview the post make sure that it reads well, when you have a number of blog posts you can link each page to make your blog user friendly, finally click publish.

Well done, you have just created your first blog post, now head over to Google console and submit your blog post to Google so that it can be indexed.

6. Promoting your blog

You have done all the hard work researching your keyword and writing your blog post, the next step is to share or promote your blog so that as many people as possible get to read it and bit by bit you start to build followers for your blog.

7. Social media

One of the best ways to promote a blog is through social media, personally I use Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter for this purpose, if you haven’t already done so go ahead and open an account with each platform.

I’m sure that you are aware of the power of social media, according to one statistics website out of a total world population of 7.8 billion nearly half (3.72) have an active social media account.

The figures are mind blowing, the potential to capture your slice of this modern-day phenomenon there waiting for you, all you have to do is learn how to write a blog for money.


I hope that by now you have a good idea of how to write a blog for money, a successful blog will be created from your knowledge of a subject that you are passionate about, you will create unique compelling content that keeps your readers interested and want to come back for more.

You will use all of your social media accounts to promote your blog content, you will write at least 4-5 new blog posts of at least 2,000 words each week and publish them.

The key to a successful blog is to be consistent in what you do, write content that is well researched and well written, use images and keywords, believe in yourself, persevere don’t give up.

Writing a blog for money is a long-term project, it won’t happen overnight but with the right attitude and training you can make a success of making money from your blog.
Good luck.



4 thoughts on “How to write a blog for money

  1. Hallo there Fintan, 

    I stumbled upon your post and I felt I just had to comment.

    You have simplified the whole blogging process in a nice and easy way that I wish I found it years ago when I started blogging.

    I had to scour the web and put pieces here and there together to get something valuable.

    I agree with you blogging is the best thing someone can do and once you have established the basics well, it can be really beneficial.

    You have a really nice blog going on here. Good luck!

  2. I always thought blogging is going to be difficult especially for someone who has never written a single article on their own. I mean you look at different websites out there that are clean and well laid out which is intimidating.

    I wonder if anyone would be interested in mine and how would I write about a topic that I barely know of? Could you help me with this?

    1. Hi Shrey,

      It is possible to build a blog around your interests or hobbies, write from the heart and people will follow you.

      Thanks for visiting.


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