Search website keywords

Search website keywords

No doubt you have been hearing the word keywords so you know how important it is to understand that search website keywords are critical to your site being found by Google and other search engines.

Keyword imageBut what is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that a person will use to describe what they are searching for when they are looking for something or some information on a subject that interests them.
So people search websites for those keywords to help them find what they are looking for.

Here is an example of someone using a keyword to find information in their web browser, I’m searching for information on how to learn to play bridge, I go to my computer and I type into the browser “learn about bridge”

I am then taken to the top ten relevant results on in this case as seen in the image, from there I have to decide which website I will go to first, human nature being what it is most people will go to the first website.

Can you see why it is so important to get your search website keywords right when you are writing your post for a website?

Search engine rankings

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the dominant search engines Google has the largest share of the market with over 70% of searches being done on Google search so it makes sense for you to know how to get the number one ranking spot on Google for your chosen keyword.

Being at the top of the results for keywords means that when your site has people visiting reading your content and clicking on your affiliate links you are going to make money.!!


SEO is search engine optimization meaning that every piece of content, image or video that you create will be optimized so that the search engines can understand what your page is about and it can be shown to people that are searching for that exact information when they type the keyword into the browser.


Your objective is to research keywords in your niche and combine them with SEO so that your site is going to rank highly in the search results.

Keywords imageMillions of keywords

Literally there is no limit to the amount of keywords that you can use, in fact there are millions of them in almost every conceivable niche that you can mention. This means that with the right SEO and keyword training you can have a competitive edge on your competition.

Writing content

Going forward you will be writing content for your website, it could be a page, post or a blog post, so each of these will be written by selecting a target keyword using this excellent keyword tool.

By using a string keyword taken from your keyword tool means every post/page/blog has the chance of ranking in Google leading to website traffic and the opportunity to make money online.

By doing your SEO and keyword training and putting into practice what you have learned will over time lead to massive amounts of people finding your site through the keywords that you have targeted.

Concentrate on writing well researched quality unique content, when you deliver good content that helps people find what they are looking for the search engines will take notice and move your content up the rankings.

Master keywords

Keywords are the very foundation of any successful online business, by learning exactly how keywords work will help you to be a successful affiliate marketer, I suggest that you start here with this helpful video on how to master keywords.

Keyword searches

People often ask what are the best keywords to use? I’m going to walk you through a keyword search using this keyword tool that I use all the time, you are going to perform five relevant searches in your niche to help you understand how to find the best keywords

.Ok in this example I’m going to type the word bernese mountain dog into Jaxxy, as you can see there are more than 20 results for this keyword, at the top of the page you will see:

1. Average traffic
2. QSR
3. KQI
4. SEO
5. Domains

1.Keyword is the keyword that you have entered with the results
2.Average traffic is the estimated monthly traffic you can expect from each keyword
3.QSR is the number of competing websites
4.SEO is a number or score that is formulated based on the traffic and competition
5.Domains is a selection of domains that are available based on each keyword

How do you know which keyword is the best?

I’m going to give you a formula to use that will help you determine which keyword related to your niche is the best to use.

1. Check the number of monthly searches for the keyword, you need more than 40 if you can find more than 40 then check what the competition is like, chances are you will be up against much stiffer opposition.

2. Check the QSR that is your competition a good rule of thumb is less than 50 competing websites on Google, it’s ok to go for less than 100 sites but it could prove more difficult to rank well. As you website starts to grow the search engines will respect it more, it will gain more authority and pages/posts will start to rank that bit easier

3. Your chosen keyword must make sense, don’t use a keyword for example like “the bernese” it just doesn’t make grammatical sense what would make sense is something like “ the bernese dog habits ” trust me you will not rank well unless you write good quality content around keywords that make sense.

Complete the process

Complete the keyword process by using four other keywords related to bernese mountain dog, then follow the exact formula again for each word. Study your results take your time deciding, when you are happy with your keyword choice move forward and start writing your page.

Write content imageHow to write good content

So you have your keyword and you want to write your content around it, depending on what keyword you have chosen you may need to do some research on that subject. Go into your browser and check for any research studies that have been published on your article.

If you find anything useful read it and use some of the information in your post.
Don’t forget to add a reference at the bottom of your page to the research that you have found, that is called an outbound link, the search engines like to see that.

Put your keyword in the title of your post, always use the H1 to highlight your keyword for the search engines, write your keyword into a sentence so that it reads in a natural way.

Dont forget to sprinkle your keyword throughout your article but not in a way that will be considered keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is frowned upon by the large search engines, I recommend that you use the keyword maybe four to five times throughout your post.
I recommend that you use good quality images to break up lines and lines of text, it is a good way to keep your website visitors engaged with your site, the longer they are there the higher the chances that you will make money.

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