Google analytics not working?

Google analytics not working?

Are you having a problem with google analytics not working on your WordPress site?

Your problem could one of a few issues that should be easy to fix after we go through some simple steps to establish what you have done so far.

I have had this issue myself with three sites and to be honest I was scratching my head when I looked at the analytics for my sites. It seemed to happen over a short period of time when bounce rate fell from a high of 70% to a low of wait for this 0%, that’s right zero percent I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I looked back at some changes that I had made to my sites previously and that included adding a new Google Analytics code to all the pages, I can tell you with 150 pages it took up a lot of time.

Google analytics not working imageYou may have unwittingly added the Google analytics code twice to your pages and you have noticed that your website visitors, page views and bounce rates just seem too good to be true!

Having more than one code on your site will give you a lot of false information, as you know good quality information on your visitors is the key to improving your websites visitors experience.

If it is the case that you think you added the code twice and you want to check if that is the case quickly, head over and search for Google Tag Assistant add this extension to Chrome you will see the little blue button on the right-hand side.

Open your website and click on the blue Tag Assistant button on the right-hand side press enable and then press record.

If you have added Google analytics code more than once to your website pages you will see an image like this.Google analytics added teice

This means that there are two codes on some pages, bummer! so how do you go about finding which pages have the code on twice.

Read on and I will show you an easy FREE way to find this out.

Go to GA Checker .Com and enter your websites URL in the check your site box, the system is fast it will check up to 10,000 web pages in a short space of time and present you with all your pages checked for the Google global site tag and Google analytics code.

In no time at all you will have the information on which pages the google analytics code has been entered by, mistake twice, all you must do is to go to that page and edit to remove one of the codes. SIMPLE!

Google may have penalized your site

It is also possible that Google has done another search ranking algorithm update, Google will always strive to make the website user experience more enjoyable so theses updates can cause big changes in traffic and rankings for all websites.

When I say big changes, it can go either way massive drops in traffic or massive increases in traffic in Google analytics. Google will punish webmasters who try to take shortcuts to get on the first page of the search results. It only takes one or two penalties to be awarded against you for a noticeable change in visitors to your website.

So, have you been penalized? Difficult to tell, each new algorithm looks at a different aspect of the website visitors experience so it could be positive or negative for your site.

If you feel that you need to have some FREE advice on SEO why not Click Here and benefit from the experience of people who have been there and done that. Sound advice will help you to combat Google penalties and move your site back up the search rankings.

Learning SEO

Technology is changing so much and at a fast pace, it is so important to keep up to date with Search Engine Optimization techniques especially updates and changes to Google algorithms, having the knowledge will push you in the right direction and ensure that you don’t get left behind in this crazy online world.


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