How to make money in affiliate marketing 2020

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How to make money in affiliate marketing 2020

Can I show you how to make money in affiliate marketing 2020? But first let me tell you the truth about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a long-term process that has the potential to make you a more than healthy income.

How to make money in affiliate marketing

How do you make money?

I will always give you the truth based on my own personal experience of affiliate marketing, many people ask how to make money in affiliate marketing the truth is you have no choice but to get your computer out and work your butt off month after month to build something that will generate affiliate commissions in the future.

Don’t expect to be making tons of money quickly, affiliate marketing is a long haul project that you will have to work on without pay for many months, however if you follow the steps that I outline in this post how to make money in affiliate marketing you will be making money within the first year.

Affiliate commissions are paid to you when a sale is made on a company’s website as a direct result of your work in bringing that sale to said company.

How do you start the process?

Making money in affiliate marketing is a process, it starts by learning how to research a market, how to find your niche in the marketplace, how to target your audience, how to build a website, how to do SEO, how to add links and banner ads on your site and so much more.

I realize that it may sound a little daunting at this point but stick with me and I will show you how to make money in affiliate marketing 2020.

Let’s start with the basics

I really want to help you get started in the right way so I suggest that you take the time to watch this free training written by my friend Kyle it’s an in depth affiliate marketing training course the same one that I did a few years ago.

I encourage you to learn the basics of affiliate marketing because it will help you to avoid the mistakes that a lot of people make when they try to start an affiliate marketing business.

Remember mistakes are by and large a good thing if you learn from them but I want to help you get to where you want to go faster, making money on the internet with affiliate marketing is definitely possible if you follow these steps;

• Do the free online training

• Put it into practice

• Talk to others in the community

• Write unique content

• Learn search engine optimization

• Get comments on your site

• Put outbound links on your site

• Be helpful to your website visitors

• Tell the truth

• Research keywords

• Be proactive

• Keep blogging

• Keep believing

• Be patient

Do your research

I know that it is a long list, just do it one step at a time, begin by doing research on what niche you think you can make money in. Use the free keyword tool that will help you with ideas for a niche, to give you an example let’s say you like gardening and you feel that a gardening site will make money for you.

In this example I used the Free Jaxxy keyword tool from Wealthy affiliate where I inputted the seed word “gardening” you can see the search results “gardening” keyword is too competitive however the keyword “gardening advice websites” looks like a good niche to go into.

Results show 120 monthly searches expect 21 visitors each month if you achieve page one on Google there are only 39 competing sites, and the SEO score is 95 high, all these figures are good indicators that ” gardening advice websites” has the potential to be a good money making affiliate website.

Jaxxy keyword tool

What do you do next?

Let’s say you decided to start a gardening website the next step is to purchase a domain name, let’s use Jaxxy keyword tool to find out what names are available we see that is available at only $13.99 per year or the version.

I recommend that you only purchase a .com domain, it’s much more recognizable and potentially easier to sell as an asset.

Pick your theme

Once you discover a potential niche that you can make money in the next step is to find a WordPress theme for your domain name, I have searched for gardening themes within the WordPress area.

There are plenty of themes to choose from, pick a theme and edit as much as you want until you are happy, WordPress themes are free with optional upgrades.


Next step in how to make money in affiliate marketing 2020, arguably the most important step is keyword research, finding those high value low competition keywords won’t be easy I recommend that you go for the low hanging fruit so to speak.

By that I mean search for low monthly volume keywords under 50 searches per month with less than 50 (or less) competing websites and a high SEO score (90 or above)

Another useful place to find good keywords is to use Google search, an example is to type in your seed keywords ” gardening website tips” then put the letter a, then b, then c. Hope you get the idea by adding the letter of the alphabet you will get some good keyword ideas.

Create a post

Now that you have some keywords to use it’s time to create a post go to your WordPress dashboard open add new post, the title will be your keyword ” Keyword” in the H1 tag, then use the H2 for the headline of your first sentence.

Make sure to include the keyword in the first sentence so that the subject of your post is immediately clear not only to your website visitor but also to the search engines. How many times should you put your keyword in the post? that is a very good question.

Keywords density

Some experts recommend that you should use a keyword density from 1-2% (Google) while others recommend a keyword density of up to 3%, personally I believe from my own experience that by sticking to the 1-2% range will keep you away from over optimizing the post, the result of which could be a penalty in Google search rankings.

affiliate marketing training


When you creating a post think about the keyword and other variations of it called that are called synonyms that way will increase the likelihood of your post being found for other similar keywords (synonyms) that will increase the number of visitors and it will boost your website rankings.

Write as if you are talking to a friend, make the wording easy to read and in bite size chunks, at most make each paragraph up to six lines long, put images that relate to your keyword every 4 or five paragraphs, you can get some great images at for free.

When it comes to creating content there are four things to bear in mind:

• You want more readers

• You want more links

• You want more comments

• You want more traffic

By creating a post containing more than 2,000 words you will get more readers, more readers mean more websites will want to link to your site, more readers mean more comments, more comments mean better site rankings, put it all together and you get more traffic.

What does more traffic mean?

More traffic means that there are more clicks on your affiliate links and banners leading to more affiliate commissions, in a nutshell that how to make money in affiliate marketing 2020.

Add Google analytics

If you don’t have a free Google account, I recommend that you get a Gmail account immediately because Google has so many free tools that you can utilize in your affiliate marketing business, one good example is Google analytics.

Its imperative that you can track your website activity so you will know what are your best performing posts and consequently the posts that you should concentrate on to maximize your affiliate income.

Let’s assume that you have Google analytics set up, now you need to get the tracking code under admin at the bottom and place the html code at the very bottom of each post, when you have it set up do a traffic test to make sure it all works ok.


SEO using Yoast

Plug ins are a very valuable source within WordPress I have found the Yoast plug in to be of immense benefit in helping me to fully optimize my posts for search engine rankings, the free version is available in WordPress just click on add plug in and search for Yoast.

Yoast will help you to link to other posts, it will tell you how many times your keyword is inserted in the post, it will tell you if your meta description is concise and to the point, Yoast will tell you if you have enough internal links to other websites, finally it will give you a SEO and readability score.

When you work on your page using Yoast for long enough to get the green light then you click publish.

Add to Google console

Next step is to add your new post url to Google console, it is part of having a Google account go to Google console and click on your site, go to url and add new url, it takes a couple of minutes but it means that that post will be indexed by Google faster than if you didn’t follow this step.

Add to Bing search

Bing is the second biggest search engine after Google so it makes sense to open a free account on add your site and as you publish more posts add the url in Bing, I believe that you can add up to 100 in a day.

Post promotion

It can use time before your posts start to achieve first page rankings in the main search engines so in the meantime you will need to do your own post promotion and what better way than by creating a YouTube video, create a Facebook post or a post on Pinterest.

Create a YouTube video

I realize that not everyone is entirely happy with making videos especially if they have to be in the video themselves, so here are a few tips that my friend Tiffany has put together to help you get started in makeing a YouTube video.

Social media

Create a Facebook post

I use Facebook a lot to promote my website and blog posts, I suggest that you get a Facebook business account if you don’t already have one, posting on Facebook is relatively easy. I found that by posting a line or two with a link to the post on your site seems to entice people to click on the link and go to the site.

Create a Pinterest post

I actually get more traffic from Pinterest than any other social media platform, I’m not quite sure why this is but it’s all good, the one thing I would say is visitors from Pinterest don’t seem to stay as long but there are more of them.

Pinterest works similarly to Facebook but it’s more visual, use good quality graphics and a short few word around what your post is about, as with Facebook post often maybe 4 times a week to build a following and to boost your site rankings.


I sincerely hope that you have found the answer to how to make money in affiliate marketing 2020, the business model is quite simple. You find a potentially lucrative niche using the Jaxxy keyword tool and Google search you buy a suitable domain name, create keyword focused content, use SEO to get better search engine rankings, set up your social media accounts and promote, promote, promote.



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