Top 5 work home jobs

Top 5 work home jobs

Does the idea of work at home appeal to you? Have you been looking for a work at home job that earns you some extra cash to help pay the bills, in this post I’m going to give you information on the Top 5 work home jobs and you can make your mind up which top 5 work home job is for you.

Top 5 work home jobs
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Are work at home jobs a scam?

From my own online experience (some of it bad) my advice is not to give your bank or credit card details to anyone online until you are sure that they are legit, there are so many scammers out there it’s hard to know who to trust.

Stay with me as I delve into what kind of job works from the comfort of your own home, what exactly do you have to do, how many hours per week do you have to work, how much will you get paid, do you have to spend money.

If you are the type of person that just wants to be employed and earn a weekly wage then there are work at home jobs for you, if you are more of a have my own business type of person that prefers to be the boss then you can make a lot of money blogging or as an affiliate marketer.

Technology has opened the door and made it possible to do a work home job, more and more companies are hiring people to do all kinds of tasks working from home, the competition for my top 5 home jobs is increasing here are some if the biggest companies that employ people to work from home, For example Amazon, EBay, Facebook and Pinterest are four of the largest online companies that are looking for customer service representatives to work from home.

What type of work home job suits you?

I appreciate that not everybody can be a customer service representative, if you are more comfortable at data entry rather than have to deal with customers then that’s fine, I’m sure you will find something to suit you. Virtual assistant roles are becoming more fashionable as online business owners need help with emails, uploading new products details, order processing and content creation.

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Opportunities work home jobs

There is unlimited work from home opportunities on the internet for example Swag bucks is a platform where you can earn money by taking surveys, earn free gift cards, shop online and get paid, do a survey.
Depending on your skill set you can apply for positions such as virtual assistant, freelance writer, social media manager, data entry, call centre rep.

These types of positions are usually paid by the hour, if you feel that you could make a go of having your own business then why not consider becoming a blogger or start a website and create an affiliate marketing business, if you are successful the rewards are amazing.
Here is a list of websites that are looking for people to do different tasks:

• Offer

I’m going to delve a little deeper into what each job title means, what qualifications you need to work at that job, what the job description is and how much you are paid.

How to become a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant has become a normal way to make extra money on your computer, so many businesses are online these days that the owners need to hire virtual assistants to help them with their business. Normal tasks would include administrative, like checking and responding to emails, creating documents (word) creating content, dealing with online enquiries even dealing with order shipping.

Pay rates will vary depending on the company size and your skillset, virtual assistants charge between $15 – $75 per hour. Websites like Timeetc and Avirtual are a good place to begin your search for a virtual assistants role.

Freelance writer
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How to become a freelance writer

While the internet continues to grow, it is estimated by one statistics website that more than 4.5 billion people use the internet that’s nearly two thirds of the world’s population of 7.4 billion. This mass of humanity is searching the internet every day for answers to their questions or to buy products, content is what drives traffic to websites to answer those questions.

More and more online business is hiring freelance writers to create and write content for them, while is helpful if you can write it isn’t the only attribute that you will count on to be a successful freelance writer.
To get regular work as a freelance writer you will need to be resourceful, driven, ambitious you will also need to have a portfolio of work to show to prospective clients.

A carefully written keyword rich article of at least 3,000 words could bring in $150, depending on the size of the company that you work for, more in depth articles could net $1,500.

In 2016 the average income for a freelance writer was $61,000 whereas the top 10% earned in excess of $120,000 according to BLS.
To look for freelance writer work you will need to register at sites like, and

How to get work as a Social media manager

I doubt if there is an online business these days that doesn’t have a social media account, social media is a powerful marketing tool that drives tons of traffic to a website. Every large online business needs a Social media manager however, small to medium size online business either do the digital media management themselves or they employ someone to do it for them this is where you can step in.

If you have any sales or marketing experience or if you know your way around social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest you can apply for roles like these. The same three websites featured above in the virtual assistant post areca good place to start with, there are different ways to get paid, some charge a monthly retainer fee while others charge anywhere between $20-$ 75 per hour.

Data entry work home jobs
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Data Entry jobs

Any business that you can think of has a significant amount of paperwork that needs to be checked and filed, I’m talking about orders, shipments, emails, business plans, performance monitoring, revenue forms and accounts etc.

Normally you would need a computer and typing abilities to do a job like this, a lot of data entry jobs are home based, according to a survey done three years ago the average wage was just over $30,000 whilst some of the top data entry workers earned over $43,000. Go to, or to search for job listings.

How to become a Call-Centre Representative

The internet is open 24/7 so online business must be open all day every day to cater fir customers from around the world, companies need workers that can answer questions from potential customers about the company’s product or service.

The job title is customer call centre representative, all that you need for this job is a computer, the ability to help others, dedication and patience, you may also need to undertake extensive training depending on the company, rates of pay vary from $27,000 upwards, jobs can be found on the three websites listed above.

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How to become a blogger to make money

I believe that blogging is in the top 5 work home jobs for the very God reason that anyone can become a blogger, as long as you have access to a blogging platform, a reliable internet connection , a modern computer plus you are a good people person that can communicate with others you stand an excellent chance of making a good living blogging.

On the downside it can take a long time to see the fruits of your labour, blogging is about building a following that over time that will learn to trust you. Over time your blog followers will grow into thousands this allows you to, monetize your blog through paid ads or sales from affiliate products.

What attracts people to blogging is the low start-up costs (domain $13.99 per year) hosting from $7.99 per month, the potential to make a lot if money is limitless, to get started as a blogger do this training.

Wealthy affiliate How to become an Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing has become a very popular way to work from home because you don’t need experience, you don’t need to study for years, you don’t need a lot of capital, you don’t need any particular skillset.

Ok so what do you need to make money as an affiliate marketer?

A reliable computer, a good internet connection, an ability to write engaging content on a subject that you care about, a small amount of capital (under $500) an ability to complete short free lessons on the whole affiliate marketing process, the ability to put what you have learned into practise as you build your affiliate business, the ability to keep going in spite of how hard affiliate marketing can be in the first year. (trust me I should know)

How much money can you make?

Some of my friends that do affiliate marketing every day tell me that making money as an affiliate marketer has no limits, so why not give affiliate marketing a try by doing the online Entrepreneur certification course.

Conclusion on top 5 work home jobs

Finding a suitable job from my top 5 work home jobs can be rewarding depending on what your requirements are, if you seek work where you are paid an hourly rate then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a gig on job websites like,, and a host of other job sites, look for work at home roles, fill out the resume form and you will get emails of available positions as they arise.

If you are a person that would like your own money-making online business then I suggest that you look at doing freelance writing, blogging or affiliate marketing, whatever you decide maybe wish you the very best of luck.


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