How good is wealthy affiliate?

How good is wealthy affiliate?

I have nothing but good things to say about Wealthy Affiliate, how good is Wealthy Affiliate? I can only give you my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate because I can speak from my experience of affiliate marketing and how after trying many online programs to make money I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.

Within the first week of joining Wealthy Affiliate I knew that the platform was a legitimate way to make money online for many people from all walks of life and ages.

If you have been thinking about setting up an online business then in my opinion you should look no further than Wealthy Affiliate because every single tool that you need to start affiliate marketing is right here at your fingertips.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some real testimonials from people like me and you that wanted to make a living online but didn’t know where to start.

fintan dugganAbout me

My name is Fintan,people that know me will say that I’m a very honest person, I’m in my middle sixties and to be honest I have no time for unscrupulous people that take people’s hard earned money on the internet and promise them that they are going to make millions.

When I tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is without a shadow of doubt the best affiliate marketing training platform on the internet I really mean it.

Two years ago I didn’t have a clue about where to start to build an online home business and now I can say I have learned so much through the Online Entrepeneur Certification course at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have two websites, one is in a health niche and this one that you have found is based on how to learn affiliate marketing at home.

Am I making millions? no not yet but I see progress each day my websites get found by Google and the other search engines because of what I have learned on the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

The course will deliver all of the knowledge that you will need to be one of the top affiliate marketers, that’s how good is Wealthy Affiliate. 

The search engines

There are a number of search engines, Google being the largest followed by Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Duck Go Go, and others,for you to start making money as an affiliate marketer you will need to have your site found for certain keywords by the search engines.

Don’t worry the Online Entrepreneur Certification course will cover everything that you need to do.

What does the course cover?

Online entrepreneur certification course how good is wealthy affiliate

As you can see from the image the Online Certification course has 5 courses and a total of 50 lessons, you can do the course at your leisure but make sure that you complete each module.

Course number 1 Getting started

This is the basis for your online success, you will learn how to make money online, how to choose a niche, how to build a website, how to set up your website, how to get it ready for the search engines, how to create your content, create menus, how to understand keywords.

Course number 2 Building your own traffic producing website

Traffic building is the be all and end all of your success as an affiliate marketer, this module will cover how to establish  your own domain and brand, how to create keyword rich content, how to understand website traffic, how to use visuals, how to build trust with your audience, how to boost your rankings within Wealthy Affiliate

Course number 3  Making money

This course will walk you through the process of understanding how to make money as an affiliate marketer, how to search for affiliate programs, how to add affiliate links, how to get paid for ads on your ste, how to leverage product reviews.

Course number 4 Mastering social engagement

Social media is huge as you probably know, this course will help you to to understand the best ways to use social media to promote your This course is probably the one that you should learn from the most because it covers the nuts and bolts of content creation, you will learn how to research content, how to write content that will be authoritative and engaging, how to scale content upwards by outsourcing.

Kyle how good is wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been going strong since 2005, two Canadian friends Kyle and Carson who were in college together thought it would be a good idea to set up a platform where people could use to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

Carson how good is wealthy affiliate

Since 2005 the Wealthy Affiliate platform has evolved to provide training on all aspects of affiliate marketing such as;

  • How to find your niche
  • How to buy a domain name
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to build a website
  • How to create content
  • How to use images
  • How to do SEO
  • How to make money as an affiliate marketer

Live training each week

As part of the premium membership each week you have access to the live training conducted by the master of online training Jay (aka Magistudios), why not take a look at some of the expert training they Jay delivers each week.

If you don’t have the time to watch the training it is recorded so you can watch it at any stage.

Jay magistudios live training image,is wealthy affiliate worth it

How did I find Wealthy Affiliate?

Like so many people I tried my hand at trying to make money on the internet, I hate to say it but up to now I was one of the 97% of people that try to make money online and failed. I remember the money that I spent on what turned out to be useless online money making scams, I remember doing online courses that promised to deliver and make me a millionaire.

I didn’t want to give up my search for a way to make money working from home so I kept searching the online forums where I came across my friend Vitaliy, I asked him how good is Wealthy Affiliate and he was quite honest with me.

He said that if I was prepared to follow the online training at Wealthy Affiliate and be patient and persistent there was a good chance that over time I could have my dream of a work from home business.

Vitaliy G how good is wealthy affiliate

Guess what, Vitaliy was so right, I followed the training and now my online business is starting to take off and it’s providing me with an online income. I would like to help you to get your website business off the ground, I will make a little money if you decide to go to the premium package, however you can always start on the free plan until you find out if this platform is for you or not.

Why do so many people fail at online business?

In my humble opinion It boils down to a number of factors and they are:

  • A lack of training
  • A lack of understanding of your audience
  • Wrong niche selection
  • Bad keyword choice
  • A lack of SEO knowledge
  • Too much competition
  • No family support
  • A lack of patience
  • Not persistent enough
  • Not part of an online community

1.A lack of training

Let’s face it  if you want to start your own home business you will need some training, when you understand how to go about the business of affiliate marketing and making money working from home on your computer you have a much better chance of being successful.

The online Entrepreneur Certification course will more than answer the question how good is Wealthy Affiliate in fact if you stick with the training material and implement what you learn into your niche selection, your keyword selection, your WordPress theme selection, your content creation and website promotion, there is no reason in the world why you won’t be earning that extra income that you dream about.

2.A lack of understanding of your audience

Understanding your audience and what their needs and wants are crucial to your online success I will give you an example.

You have built a website in the health niche, let’s say “affiliate marketing” which is one of the biggest money making markets on the internet, you are writing content to bring people to your site so what do you think they would be interested in finding out?

Here are some keywords this keyword tool that I use brought up

Jaxxy keyword toolAs you can see “affiliate marketing” is the number one keyword with “affiliate marketing companies” coming in second further keywords are “affiliate marketing tools” and “affiliate marketing for dummies”.

What do people mean when they search for “affiliate marketing” ? my guess is that the answers they are looking for will need to be detailed, thorough and engaging. In this case you would need to write a detailed post of at least 2,000 words to fulfill the needs of that website visitor.

3.Wrong niche selection

Picking a profitable niche isn’t easy, you really need to spend a lot of time researching a niche, looking for keywords, searching for a suitable domain name, checking on the competition, finding a WordPress theme for your site, writing content and using search engine optimization to get the maximum from your content creation.

4. Bad keyword choice

Keywords are your bread and butter so choose them wisely, for example if you were to use the keyword “affiliate marketing” with a monthly search volume of 30,177 could you expect to make the first page of the search results? Not a chance because the SEO score above is 66 and the number of competing websites is 215, it wouldn’t make any sense to spend time on a keyword like “affiliate marketing”

Instead take a look at “create website affiliate marketing” and you will notice that the monthly search volume is 72 if you make the first page of google you could expect 13 people to visit your site each month, the best part is there are only 33 competing websites, now doesn’t that look a better bet!

5. A lack of SEO knowledge

SEO or search engine optimization is a skill that you will have to master, fortunately at Wealthy Affiliate we are lucky to have some of the best SEO experts in the industry.Linda one of the members of Wealthy Affiliate wrote this great training on search engine optimization.

6. Too much competition

It’s true that on the internet there is a lot of competition, especially in weight loss or the making money niche, by choosing to go into one of these as a newbie may not be the best thing to do. Choose a niche that you feel a passion for and one that you have some knowledge on.

7. No family support

Wouldn’t you agree that if you are thinking of starting an online business that it is a good idea to share your thought about how you are going to go about the business of making money working from home with your spouse or partner. Let them know how much it is going to cost in terms of cash outlay and time outlay, if they are supportive trust me it makes a huge difference to your success.

8. A lack of patience

I’m not sure if you have ever built a business, well if you have you will know that the first two years are going to be tough until you have established your brand and gained enough customers for your product. Just look how excited this lady is to be on the first page of Google.

first page of google image

9. Not persistent enough

Have you ever heard the saying “persistence pays off” it’s more or less the same as saying “hard work pays off” basically there are no shortcuts to making money online you have to work extremely hard and be persistent. Just read what this 80 years old lady had to say about persistence.



10. Not part of an online community

Working on your computer at home can be a lonely existence, what if you are stuck on something and want to talk to another human being, what if you have a great idea to promote your online business and you want to bounce the idea off someone else? What if you are interested in learning more about other successful online affiliate marketers and you want to pick their brains?

All of that is possible at Wealthy Affiliate all you have to do is be active on the platform, join in the conversation, help other people that have questions, be a leader, be social, engage! C’mon how good is Wealthy Affiliate?

how good is wealthy affiliate

What do you get for your money?

First of all you don’t have to spend any money on Wealthy Affiliate to try it out, you simply sign up for a free account where you will have limited access to the platform, you will have:

  • First 7 days of live help
  • You can build 2 websites
  • You will have website backup
  • Free beginner training
  • Affiliate blog
  • Affiliate bootcamp training (partial)
  • Walk through videos
  • 30 search terms keyword research tool
  • Access to all the training classroom 2
  • Access to the affiliate program
  • 1-1 coaching for a week

Is the Free membership enough to run a business?

Free membership has it’s good points however it is limited, I recommend that you try the Free version first and when you are convinced that you have the answer to your question how good is Wealthy Affiliate then you should proceed and sign up for the premium membership.

Premium membership

I know from my own experience of trying out the free membership that sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is worth every penny that it costs, especially if you are serious about building your own work from home business. It’s worth taking the time to compare the Starter version of Wealthy Affiliate with the Premium version.

The Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP gives you complete access to the training, the community and most importantly the support service for your websites. I believe that the combination of a helpful affiliate platform combined with site support, all the tools that you need and the community makes Wealthy Affiliate answer your question how good is Wealthy Affiliate.


For the price it’s a no brainer to join the Premium membership, for example included in your premium membership of $49 dollars per month is Jaxxy an excellent keyword tool, you have 25 sites hosted and the support from the back office IT team is second to none.

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