How to write SEO content for a website

How to write seo content for a website

Writing content for a website is actually an art in itself, like everything else in life you can do a good job or you can do a bad job, if you are going to write content for your site it will make all the difference to your search engine rankings if you know how to write SEO content for a website.

If you are unsure how to go about writing quality informative content for your website, Kyle has put together this quality training that I know will help you.

Keywords are essential in SEO content

Before you write good SEO content you will need to find some good keywords that you can compete on, keywords that have a high search volume and a low number of competing websites.

Finding good keywords are essential so I recommend that you use this excellent keyword tool, keep track of your keywords in an excel spreadsheet and use this online tool to monitor where your site ranks for your targeted keywords.

Best practise for keywords

Keyword stuffing is frowned upon by the search engines, there was a time when you could get away with putting your keyword on every second line of your content, that definitely wont work in today’s online market, in fact it will hurt your rankings.

By using good practice SEO your keywords article will shoot up the rankings, here are the top tips for writing SEO content for a website:

• Include the keyword in the title, use H1

• Include the keyword in the first paragraph

• Include the keyword in the first 300 words

• Use variations of your keyword

• Put the keyword in the last paragraph

• The keyword should read naturally in the sentence

People are searching the internet for information relating to that keyword so the more information you can give them around that keyword the more clicks you will get on your affiliate links.

Write about stuff that you care about

It pays to put a bit of thought into your article, don’t just put your head down and write blindly have a strategy in place. Remember you are writing for human beings so make your content interesting and compelling, this is the key to how you write SEO content for a website.

Your SEO content should be of value to people, you need to be telling them something that no one else has told them, it must be unique but in your own writing style, pretend that you are speaking to a person that is right in front of you.

Write with the knowledge that you have of that particular subject, remember you are sharing information.

SEO content knowledge

How to write SEO content for a website
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If you are involved in affiliate marketing and your website reflects that you could write an SEO article relating to your industry you could talk about the latest news and go into depth on the latest SEO tactics in affiliate marketing.

Top affiliate marketers often interview SEO experts and feature them in an article on their website, often the expert will share the interview on their social media platform meaning more exposure for your website.

Technical SEO

Optimization of keywords is only half the battle, you need to learn a few things about the technical side of SEO, understanding how Google crawls millions of pages and determines how authoritative your site is based on how your content is structured.

One of the key components that Google looks for is how well each page on your site links with the rest of your site, remember to link words in your content to other related pages on your site.

Google and the other search engines believe that this helps your website visitor to be able to go to other pages where a particular keyword interests them, so page linking is good for your site SEO score.

Seo Images

Keeping your images small will help your site to load faster, use the medium size and place the image to the right, before you publish check that it looks good on a mobile device.

Google uses site speed to determine your SEO score, by making sure your images are all the correct size will keep your pages loading aw fast as possible meaning a higher SEO score and higher serps rankings.

How to write better SEO content for a website

I’m sure you are aware that we live in an age of instant gratification meaning you only have a very short time to make an impact on your website visitor and keep the engaged with your content.

The last thing you need is a high bounce rate and low minutes on your content.

Here are some good tips on how to write SEO content for a website.

1.  Catchy words

You need to write something catchy in the first few lines, something that is going to hook your reader instantly, a good example would be let’s say that you are writing an article that explains how to make your wife happy.

You could begin by appealing to the husbands feelings, you know that he is trying to make his wife happy so start your content like this

” Just like many husbands in the world are you struggling to keep your wife happy? My wife was unhappy but now she is like a new woman, I can empathize with you here are my top tips to make your wife happy”

Doesn’t that sound like something that grabs the attention of the reader?

You get the idea make it interesting and compelling that way your visitors will engage stay and purchase from your affiliate links.

2. Shorten your paragraphs

Trust me in today’s world people prefer to read in short paragraphs not big long boring lines of content, keep it short and snappy, I would recommend no more than four lines of text in each paragraph.

3. Read what you have written, it might look good but after you rest it you will know immediately whether it reads as good as it sounds.

4. Storytelling

Don’t we all love to hear stories, write as if you are telling a story people will connect with you on an emotional level make it human interest and you will get more clicks on your content.

5. Videos

I believe that you need a YouTube channel because the latest figures show that more than 1.8 billion people visit YouTube each month, that’s a massive market.

Many of those people are searching for good informative videos on every conceivable subject that you can think of.

You need to learn how to produce your own videos and link them in the content of your website, this YouTube training is an excellent way to learn this skill.

Social media image
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6. Social networks

Unless you have been living in a cave the power of social media can not have escaped your attention, one of the biggest social media platforms is Facebook, the number of people who visit Facebook each month continues to grow.

An estimated 140 million log on each month, while Twitter has 23,617 monthly users followed by LinkedIn with 17,000 million.

The social media figures are staggering, make social media part of your SEO strategy, follow the training outlined here, you will be glad that you did.

7. Good visual images

Research has proven that humans remember pictures much better than they remember words, so when writing SEO for a website include images or pictures that are connected to your subject.

Be sure to pick visually appealing images, a survey from Facebook found that 93% of the most watched posts contained images and they were the most shared, engaging content with good images will bring the most traffic to your site.

If you don’t have a budget for high quality images don’t worry you can go to Unsplash where they have a large selection of good quality images or go to Pixabay there is no charge fir images on these two sites.

8. Create your own image

Its very simple to create your own images by uploading a free image and adding text to make it stand out, go to this free image editor.

9. Page linking

Google likes to see your pages linked together it helps your website visitor navigate your website, how many links should you have? In my experience most websites don’t do enough Internal linking, however a good SEO strategy would include a minimum of 12 internal links per page.

Internal links can work wonders for your rankings in the search engines, to emphasise how much difference it will make in your SEO efforts take a look at this free training

10. Last few SEO tips.

Create great unique content, the more you write the more internal links you can create

Use anchor text in a creative way, for example you have just written a detailed post on best SEO practices highlight best SEO practises and link that text another page on that subject.

Google likes anchor text because it adds to your website users experience, anchor text is a big part of how you write SEO content fir a website.

Always write ab minimum of 1,000 words per post, in a page of this number words use anywhere between 6- 10 internal links.

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