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  1. I’m using Pinterest for the first time (for business) on my new niche affiliate site. I have only put up a few pins so far and need to watch some tutorial videos on YouTube or something. I signed up for a free trial of Tailwind and I really like the idea of being able to schedule a bunch of posts so I don’t have to do it every day. Do you think it’s best to include your affiliate link in the pin or a link back to your website (where the aff links are in your text)? Thank you.

    1. Hi Riverdogg,

      Welcome to my site,I always put the link to my site where it says website withing the Pinterest platform

      All the best,


  2. Hi, thank you very much for introducing a great platform with your great article “Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing”. I knew a little bit about Pinterest but reading your article today I achieved massive knowledge about Pinterest. I’ll apply this knowledge in my affiliate marketing. I hope you will publish more useful article in future.

  3. Affiliate marketing is a wide line which can be used to make money online and the making use of social media platforms to get your business moving have been a new trend that is very effective. Pinterest has a wide range of users and I see it as a great idea to make use of such platform to get your business idea moving. The steps have given are really vital to get anyone on the move

  4. Hello!

    There is plenty of ways to use for Affiliate Marketing, and promoting businesses & products via social media is surely a very efficient method, once we get to understand how to use these channels in a fruitful way and draw other people’s attention.

    I signed up for Pinterest at the beginning of the year, but I haven’t paid much attention to it. Your article gives us good ideas for improving the way we promote our businesses – Pinterest audience would just add up to our already existing audiences! Again, if we learn how to use medias like Pinterest the efficient way.

    I am also glad to find out about free images on Unsplash, since I need myself this kind of imagery for my website, and free-royalty sites like Pixabay and (partly) Wikimedia are definitely NOT enough for me to create a satisfying number of images.

    So, I’m pretty much like a newbie to Pinterest. I have to learn how to valorise my Pinterest experience.

    Thanks for the article and best regards!


  5. I’ve just started Pinterest, and I love it. I find it a little hard to create new pins every day, so I usually use it a couple of days and schedule the pins for the rest of the week. I publish one pin per day on average, but I feel that’s not enough. How much would you recommend for a beginner?

  6. Wow! This is truly amazing. I do not know anything about Pinterest. I have been hearing about Pinterest as a means of getting more traffic to a website. I am only familiar with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

    I will have to go create my own Pinterest account straight away because I really need more traffic for my website; this post is very useful to me. Thank you so much for everything.

    Best of wishes!

  7. Hi there. I am planning on starting my online business next year January. So I think I should consider Pinterest as an important social media platform just like the others. You opened my eyes to different stuffs about the Pinterest platform and I am very sure I will be doing well with it.

    I will use it free for sometime and would eventually pay for ads to get more reach when I am used to the platform. This is another awesome means to get traffic and I am excited about it.

    Thank you.

  8. Truly there are a lot going on about being an affiliate, and there are so many means available to help you with your business and Pinterest is just a new idea that I see as effective because ist one of the effective and fast-growing social media site indeed. I know about other social media sites that can be used, but this is the first time seeing pintrest can be used as well. Cheers.

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